A reminder that submissions close for our fundraising marathon, Tactical Fundraising Action in a few days, On November 1st at 23:59 EDT.

The purpose of this marathon is to support our runners heading to AGDQ 2019! That would be Tyler2022, MiniOmegaKing and Eriphram. The guidelines for submission are straightforward enough, please only submit a game you are familiar with and can reasonably complete a no reset run of. For our regular runners you may submit a game that falls outside of the Metal Gear series. Any runners attending GDQ to run another Konami game may also submit their game. We want this to be a fun and enjoyable experience for all involved so the more we have the better. And if you’re not a speedrunner but you just love to watch, share our twitch channel; https://www.twitch.tv/metalgearspeedrunners and join our discord! The marathon is slated for December 7th. Plans to run through the weekend! We hope to see you there as a runner or loyal supporter! 

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