Mini gave us the last Metal Gear run of AGDQ 2019, with a stunning performance of Metal Gear 2. He not only provided a fantastic run, but to boot he achieved Big Boss rank! A fantastic way to end the Metal Gear AGDQ takeover and we’re all super proud of him at MGSR. If you missed his run or want to relive the epicness all over again, you can catch it here;

While Mini finished up for Metal Gear at AGDQ 2019, we hope we can catch some new faces at SGDQ 2019 or even the return of some familiar ones! From all of us at MGSR, thank you for supporting our runners past, present and future to achieve what speedrunners dream of and make it to GDQ. Keep an eye on the site and discord for any new MGSR news and if you want to learn any of the speedruns featured at GDQ 2019, check out our Wiki pages and the discord!

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