Have you ever wanted to get into speedrunning a game but lacked the motivation to do so? Well, this weekend, February 15th to 17th will be your chance to start something new.

For those of you who don’t know what the 12 hour challenge is, the rules are simple. There are two each year and they always have their own theme to go with. You have 12 hours to learn and finish a speedrun of a game of your choosing. The 12 hours can be spread out between a 72 hour period for people with tight schedules. It can also be recorded or live streamed based on your own preferences. As Golden likes to say, there are no rules, just suggestions.

The 12 Hour Challenge Began in 2015 and since then several thousand players have participated. Whether you’ve never speedrun before, or you’re so rooted in the community that back in your day you did your speedruns in the 4H centre uphill both ways, this challenge is for everyone.


The theme for this challenge is rolling. Now if that theme doesn’t fit a Metal Gear Solid game, I don’t know what will. Keep in mind though, the game doesn’t have to abide by the theme, it can be anything you want.

Make sure to leave a comment if you’re up for the challenge. And if so, what game are you doing? Hopefully Metal Gear, Big Boss will be watching!

For additional info on the 12 Hour Challenge, please refer to these links;

Info – http://pastebin.com/AHwxDq2G

Sign Ups- http://bombch.us/C5yY

Submission Sheet- http://bombch.us/C5mk

MGSR Discord – https://discordapp.com/invite/4vrB3Kb

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