Starting February 23 and lasting till March 6, submissions will be open for the upcoming SGDQ 2019

A little background for those who might not know what SGDQ is. It stands for Summer Games Done Quick, and it first started in 2010. In the 9 year span that it’s been held, it’s raised over 19.3 million in dollars and there has been more than 2000 runs done up to this point.

The following is an interview with a former SGDQ runner, Plywood.

Q. What SGDQ event did you go to?

A. SGDQ 2018. I did this run.

Q. Did you enjoy your experience at SGDQ?

A. Yes, the experience was enjoyable. Event space was well organized and the hotel staff were friendly.

Q. What would you say was your favorite part of the whole event?

A. Doing my Twin Snakes run on the stage

Q. Would you say you were nervous?

A. No, I was more nervous for my AGDQ2018 run, I felt well prepared for my Twin Snakes.

Q. If you could tell someone , who was doing their first run, anything, what would it be?

A. Practice your run, practice your commentary, and have fun. Once the run starts, it is the same game that you have played so many times before. Shine the way you want to shine, as it is a performance first and foremost

Q. Do you have any plans for this upcoming SGDQ? Are you submitting a run or just attending?

A. I’m submitting a few games, so it is still up in the air if I will attend.But I preferred the atmosphere of SGDQ2018 to AGDQ2019, so I will likely attend. Not a 100% certainty, however

Q. Well that’s all the question’s I have for you. I wish you the best on your submission’s and I thank you for taking the time to have this interview.

A. Thanks!

For anyone wanting to attend or perform in SGDQ 2019, use the links down below to help you.

GDQ’s Homepage:

MGSR Discord:

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