• There are many possible variants to the Docks, but only one thing is required. You must alter right guard's path, or kill him. If you do not, you will not be able to get on the elevator quickly.
  • If you alter the left guard's path, you must alter it further or kill him. Unaltered, he leaves the elevator area just before the elevator arrives.
  • You can use the credits as visual cues. Head up the left path when CG Artists Takashi Mizutani and Hideki Sasaki appear. The final credit is Assistant Director Yoshikazu Matsuhana.
  • You can dive into the water if you are in Alert/Evasion Phase.

Latest route for grabbing stun - enables you to use SWIM

  • Stealthy position at the searchlights
  • Once out of the vent, stand up quickly by pressing triangle and X shortly after another. This will skip the stand up animation play out.
  • If you do not hold up on the analog for the Miller call, Snake will stop crawling.
  • You can also throw the guard approaching the elevator, but it is slower and harder.

Easier method to Vent Glitch - holding buttons

hold triangle, hold dpad up, let go of triangle, hold X, let go of dpad up and x once standing

Step Count Out of Bounds

  • Down 2 Steps
  • Left 6 Steps
  • Up Left 3 Steps
  • Up 7 (edit: 8?) Steps
  • Right Into Door

how to skip dress up sequence using SWIM

  • Floor Cue

  • Window Cue

Laser Pattern

Earliest point to start moving forward from the corner

PC Laser Skip for Easier Column 3

All Bosses Armory strat with Stun grenade via SWIM route

new Nuke Building 1F variant going SWIM route with Stun grenade

Nuke Bld. 1F Strat Compilation

examples in the videos are timed as

  • 27.2s for stun - it's riskier but faster than above left side chaff
  • 29.8s for box trap
  • Skip the Nikita Missile Launcher, you do not need it.

Step Count Out of Bounds

  • Down 1
  • Down Right 12
  • Down 11


  • Down 1
  • Right 8
  • Down 20

Step Count Out of Bounds

  • Down Right 7
  • Further routing explanation on dropping down from the roof and going prone to cancel GME in one movement.

Boba Skip - 50% successrate on first try

Chaff/Stun damage alignment - click picture for fullscreen

More infos about Boba skip can be found here

Further info on the old glitchless Tower A can be found in Glitchless

Crash can occur in front of the exit door. Be careful when doing GME Phase 2 going prone while falling into the door can cause a crash.

Step Count Out of Bounds

  • Up 1
  • Right 3
  • Down 1

Before the fight, save 2.5s with the FPV lean trick

faster and easier Wolf2 skip with SWIM

older explanations and tricks that are now slower

Do not use GME or Weapons Glitch prior to being shot by Sniper Wolf this will cause the game to softlock.

Step Count Out of Bounds

  • Up 1
  • Up Left 1
  • Up 4
  • Up Right 4
  • Up 3

The PC speedrun can use the god mode exploit at the start of the fight for an even faster time to finish the cargo elevator fight. In the following the 4 common examples are shown:

  • God mode then PPK all guards
  • God mode then PPK bottom right guard, fpv, then quick throw the other 2 guards

The PC/Glitched example

the Console/Glitchless example

Bonus grenade + GME example by iLL_Pazzo

In general this fight is simple enough to do on PC thanks to the usage of GME (god mode exploit).
When starting the fight you can activate GME right away and with the grenades you collected earlier in the run
you can simple walk up to raven with a certain distance to chuck grenades to his feet.
Wait enough time to throw a follow up grenade or else the grenade will explode when Raven's still
in his i-frame state and won't accept new damage. For beginners, you can wait for the explosion to happen first,
then send another grenade in. Ideally you develop a rythmic feeling for how long you have to wait before Raven,
will be out of his i-frames. Here is an example for a more advanced strategy by Setharooni:

In this example, Snake runs up first and holds the weapon and crouch key to immediately skip all cutscenes and start walking.
Then tossing the first pre-cooked grenade at Raven which should quickly explode, followed up by a fresh grenade.
After the first two grenades like that, you can use GME once again for safety and can wait out the i-frames of Raven to continue.

Alternatively you can also always use the glitchless/console strategy with the Nikita weapon around the corner as seen in this guide:

Vulcan Raven Boss Subpage

Convinience update utilizing SWIM for first frame ladder interaction

Underground Base 2

  • There are 7 spots the PAL Key (and Bomb) can spawn
  • This only happens if you have 10 or more Alerts before entering the room

  • The rat can hear you shoot regardless of distance, so unequip with R1 to avoid this. For example, the rat is by the turret and you shoot by the stairs.
  • Jumping into the ditch will spook the rat, regardless of distance.

Easier than chair trick with SWIM

Computer room for EX to take out camera Unless you have super speedy fingers that is Left+5+Fire+R1+9 Left+5+Fire+9

If you're on Big Boss and want to avoid the alert easily from the guard in the bottom left corner of the Rex Layer 3F room,
try this method developed by Tromboncino:

See here different versions of grabbing the extra stinger ammo you need for extreme difficulty. On lower difficulty it can save frames not grabbing the warehouse north Stinger ammo, but the BF ammo.

ONLY FOR VERY EASY Save 2 seconds by area reloading After the warm key has been inserted and Liquid called you on the codec. Then call Otacon and wait outside the room. This way the door never closed but the flag for Otacon opening the door for you advances still.

Video example by iLL_Pazzo

Liquid Snake Boss Subpage

  • If you fall off the edge, you will die on Extreme
  • During Phase 2, Liquid will counterattack even if you finish with a kick on Hard and Extreme; on Easy and Normal he will run away

  • You can PPK to finish Liquid off at 16 HP on Easy

  • You can PPK to finish Liquid off at 12 HP on all difficulties besides Easy
  • You cannot throw Liquid to finish the fight if you knock him down with 0 HP on Normal, Hard and Extreme. Instead, PPK

Various 2, 1 and 0 throw setups

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