Easy difficulty is Ghost Babel with training wheels.

  • More resources spawn
  • Some bosses become easier
  • Snake is built like a tank, needing a ration is fairly unlikely.
  • Fewer guards and cameras
  • One of the awkward aspects of Easy is that Alerts and Evasions clear faster than other difficulties.
  • Guards without body armor die in 1 bullet, 2 bullets with body armor.
  • Guards without body armor will die immediately if you triple punch them.

Stage 11 Map by Eishiya

  • Pick up the R5 ammo after blowing up the wall. This is a faster package than the fastest package in Stage 06 (by the sleeping guard)
  • There is no guard in the west area by the door from the entrance.
  • There is no camera in the floor 50 laser room.
  • There is no guard around the noisy floors on floor 50.
  • There is no guard after the elevator on floor 98.
  • No need to use a stun grenade in this room with the proper movement. Very Hard room but same movement applies
  • Hold right to start, then go downright when Snake intersects with the first guard
  • If a grenade is thrown onto Gander on Fl 98 or Fl 99, it will deal 4 damage at the start of Metal Gear Body per throw. Video shown below. Because there is no guard on Easy, the movement is easier than what is shown in the video.

Stage 11 Furthest C4 Drops

fig. 1

  • Where to stand to fire directly across and hit the panel. Can be slightly further down.

fig. 2

  • Where to turn the missile left.

fig. 3

  • Earliest you can turn downleft

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