Stage 08 & 09 Map by Eishiya

  • Not knocking out the Basement Alert Guard is a swag strategy, knocking him out is still safer.
  • You can pick up grenades in the bottom right corner of the trap room during Nikita skip, but be aware of the guard as you go left.
  • Faster Pyro Bison Strategy Below

  • The earliest spot you can stand up

  • Plant at bottom corner, this is as little up as you can go.
  • HP: 47
  • Takes 4 damage per hit
  • 12 hits to kill

Below is an animated .gif of his invincibility frames, click to watch. Pay attention to Bison's Elbow. The first and final frame of his recovery - ready flamethrower

The second and penultimate frame of his recovery - sharp elbow

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