All data is collected from Japanese Integral PlayStation release


Ocelot's HP1024102410241024
Snake's HP256256256256
Single Action Army48546066
Full Grenade512427395367
Partial Grenade206214196184
Full C4262244
  • Remember to hold square and x at the start to setup a free socom shot, or immediately start cooking your grenade.
  • Ocelot increases in running speed as the game difficulty increases.
  • On Easy, Ocelot will stand still when saying “Hiding won't help you…”
  • If Ocelot begins saying “Hiding won't help you…” while you are chasing him, he will not turn around to counterattack
  • Ocelot's counterattack requires Snake to be close enough to him.

  • Above image is dpad movement for the grenade throw.
  • Hold right, up, then upleft at pillar.
  • Depending on where you hold upleft at the pillar, the grenade will end up in different positions.
  • Holding upleft in the middle of the pillar, a small moment after hitting the pillar, is generally agreed to be the sweet spot of hitting the wall while still hurting Ocelot for full damage.
  • Holding upleft the moment Snake hits the pillar can also work, as it is a more direct throw at Ocelot. However, there is a risk the grenade throw will end up short.


  • On Easy, Ocelot will stand still when saying “Hiding won't help you…”
  • You take so little damage from the Single Action Army that you can tank all hits instead of making the ovals/circles to dodge the shots
Tank's HP
Snake's HP320320320320
Machine Gun48484848
Tank Blast206206206201
Slow Tank Hit
Strong Tank Hit
Driven over
Full Grenade
Partial Grenade
  • The game will make sure Snake does not accidentally blow himself up with the grenade, so it will fly very far if you toss it just before the fuse blows. Therefore, timing 'cooking' or pulling the pin is very important
  • On Hard and Extreme, the effective range of the Tank increases at the start of the fight. This is why on Easy and Normal the right side movement is possible.
  • M1 Tank is dependent on strong execution of inputs; it is not a random boss fight as long as you know the order of operations
  • The chaff disables the large tank round, forcing the Gunner to shoot with the Machine Gun. Timing your movement with or without a chaff grenade will change your approach
  • On PC, the Tank acts more quickly compared to Console. This forces strategies to be adjusted.


  • Right side setup with Chaff/Grenade pickup
For PC

Alternative video with lines for orientation when to do which action


  • Extreme setup with Chaff/Grenade pickup

New phaseless (phase skip) method developed by iLL_Pazzo and Tromboncino for glitched categories.

Ninja's HP255255255255
Ninja Phase 3119120120120
Snake's HP384384384384
Standard Punch/Roundhouse Kick5080100100
Sword/Phase 4 Punch162200255255
Drop Kick128200255255
Initial Electric Field50150300300
Regular Electric Field50150150150
Snake's Punch4333
Snake's Kick8666
Snake's PPK16121212


Mantis's HP904108011701260
Snake's HP448448448448
Psycho Blast44528068
Desert Eagle96112128144
  • The third position Mantis travels to is random during the first part of the fight. The second position should be predictable as long as you don't miss any shots. The first position is always the same.
  • The first position on PC is directly in front of you. The first position on Console is upright from the position you begin at, so aim upright.
  • There is a certain order to Mantis's attacks during the first phase of the fight, but damage at certain points can cause him to skip attacks or repeat them. Why this occurs is unknown.
  • Mantis's travel path to Meryl depends (in part) on your position relative to Mantis and Meryl. He wants to directly put Meryl between you two.
  • If you phase skip successfully, there is no need to throw a stun when Meryl is shooting at you. Throwing the stun is the fastest way to knock her out otherwise.
  • When she goes to shoot herself, throw her
  • You can either see where Mantis flies by holding FPV or by paying attention at the end of the cutscene


Wolf 1's HP1024102410241024
Snake's HP512512512512
Wolf's Rifle128128128128
Snake's PSG1/Punch205176152147
Minimum Attacks to Kill5677
Hind's HP1024102410241024
Snake's HP576576576576
Number of shots to start phase 25777
Number of shots to complete phase 2991011
Machine Gun90135135180
Hind Missile256512Death w/o RationDeath w/o Ration

PC Boss Fight Tutorial

Wolf 2's HP1024102410241024
Wolf's PSG1128128128128
Wolf's Barrier64646464
Minimum Attacks to Kill78910

Easy HP Recovery Time Loss

Raven's HP600720776840
M61 Vulcan Gun9090180225
Full Explosion85858585
Partial Explosion42424242
Minimum Explosives8 (or 7 w/ one bullet)91010
Snake's HP All Bosses704704704704
Snake's HP Any%512512512512
Ration Heal384256256256
Minimum HP for Tank Strategy~720~810ImpossibleImpossible

Easy Position

Normal Position

Hard Position

Extreme Position

Easy HP Recovery Time Loss

Tromboncino Any% EZ Grenades

Drixq's Normal Nikita Strategy

Rex's HP (Radome/Cockpit)1500180019502100
Rex's Missile (Direct Hit)256256256256
Rex's Missile (Partial Hit)128128128128
Machine Gun (No Armor)6464100 to 160100 to 160
Machine Gun (Armor)32325050
Rex StompDeathDeathDeathDeath
Full Stinger256256256256
Partial Stinger128128128128
Minimum Stingers12161618
Snake's HP768768768768

Iceman Phase 2 Quickshot

How to Rex 2018 by Tromboncino

“At the beginning of phase 2 press up-left and when the camera changes view stop by pressing R1 and start shooting. Just go in FPV without an equipped weapon and press either L1 or R1 when the laser is trying to hit you”

  • REX's invincibility frames last 2 seconds
Liquid's HP255255255255
Liquid Phase 2170170170170
Liquid Phase 355575757
Liquid Punch28425670
Liquid Kick5684112140
Liquid PPK112168224280
Liquid's Stomp32323232
Liquid Bull Rush64150250250
Liquid Get Up Kick64120120120
Snake's HP768768768768
Snake Punch4333
Snake Throw4333
Snake Kick8666
Snake PPK16121212

Button Noise for Double Punch Infinite <- Backup Video

Single Punch Infinite

Consistent Single Throw Setup

  • You cannot throw Liquid to finish the fight if you knock him down with 0 HP on Normal, Hard and Extreme. Instead, PPK
  • Optimal Single Throw: To do that you move to the left and when you're about to throw, you move the stick SLIIIIGHTLY down, so he gets thrown a little bit up
Liquid HP (Counted in Hits)16212631

Using a second controller on console/emulator, the player can control the guards at both checkpoints. The following is a video for Very Easy and Easy:

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