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“There are few other things that could improve the TAS, like using a nade to trigger the weapon glitch on Tower B and using the barrier to trigger the weapon glitch for Wolf2. However, this way the run becomes nade heavy dependent, with 1 nade used on ascension, 1 on Tower B for weapon glitch, 1 on rat and 10 on Raven (EX). This means 4 nade boxes pickups or 3 nade boxes + 1 C4 box (used to kill raven, not to weapon glitch) Or even 1 claymore, which could be even faster than the C4 pickup as it would require only going prone and up again(edited) Oh, I totally forgot +2 extra nades for Tower B guncams… :/ Tromboncino: So at this point it's either -1 nade to trigger the cutscene for ascension by picking up stuns on Nuke B1 or +4 nades pickup on Nuke1 by luring the first guard away with a chaff , you would have -4 chaffs compared to the standard way, which is another problem Even if you could take them inside the hole on the left side of the canyon

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