• Throw the Stun at the orange shadow before the door
  • You must shoot the catwalk guard to move optimally
  • Nikita is the simplest to use to destroy the crane, line yourself up near the sidle point, fire up. Tactical Reload to destroy precisely

Vulcan Raven Boss Subpage

Underground Base 2

  • There are 7 spots the PAL Key (and Bomb) can spawn
  • This only happens if you have 10 or more Alerts before entering the room

  • The rat can hear you shoot regardless of distance, so unequip with R1 to avoid this. For example, the rat is by the turret and you shoot by the stairs.
  • Jumping into the ditch will spook the rat, regardless of distance.

If you're on Big Boss and want to avoid the alert easily from the guard in the bottom left corner of the Rex Layer 3F room,
try this method developed by Tromboncino:

  • Cargo Turret if you don't get shot, do a single punch buffer, then stick to the wall and handrail while taking the corner.

MG-REX Boss Subpage

Liquid Snake Boss Subpage

  • If you fall off the edge, you will die on Extreme
  • During Phase 2, Liquid will counterattack even if you finish with a kick on Hard and Extreme

  • You can PPK to finish Liquid off at 12 HP
  • You cannot throw Liquid to finish the fight if you knock him down with 0 HP on Normal, Hard and Extreme. Instead, PPK

Various 2, 1 and 0 throw setups

  • Guards deal 100 damage (13%) in the parking lot on EZ, and 42 damage during the driving sequence
  • 19 shots while driving will Kill Snake
  • There are two bottlenecks in the Parking Lot sequence. Your ally will not say “Snake, hold on!” until 9:34.60 on the timer. Therefore, your time can be no faster than 9:31.66. Video example here!
  • Aim at the corner of the metal for Checkpoint 1

  • Aim at the corner of the door to the left after Checkpoint 2 to aim for the left guard

  • Guards take 7 shots each on EX

Liquid Jeep

  • Liquid Jeep - 31
  • Phase 1 (Swerve 1) - 6
  • Phase 2 (Tunnel Bumper) - (2 transition) 5
  • Phase 3 (Swerve 2) - 5
  • Phase 4 (Columns) - (2 transition) 6
  • Phase 5 (Side by Side) - 5 [13 total for phase 4 and 5]
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