Doberman rank on Normal is a more forgiving Rank 1 compared to Big Boss. It may be a nice transition for those looking to learn Very Hard Big Boss, or those looking for a stealthier way to run Normal.

Ideally, Doberman only loses around 70 to 90 seconds over Any%.

The ration can be used where you like, but it's best to save it for Stage 08. This way you can damage boost in the basement, and have a greater margin for error during Nikita Skip. Alternative places to use the ration - Stage 04, Stage 10, Stage 11, and Stage 12.

  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Time: Under 2 Hours
  • Alerts: 0 to 5
  • Kills: 0 to 24
  • Rations: 0 to 1

Notes: Continues do not matter on their own for Doberman Rank. Continues can cause additional alerts depending on where the checkpoint is. Getting spotted again in Caution/Evasion counts as an additional alert. If you cause an alert by tripping lasers, and a guard spots you afterwards, that is 2 alerts. You can die during an alert on the screen you were spotted on to remove it.

  • On the second screen, go around the bush to the right to avoid the first guard, then slip by the second guard.
  • 0:36 for 0 alerts
  • First room of Watchtower is the same as Big Boss, except there is no second guard
  • You can run straight down past the cameras, rather than zigzagging like on Very Hard
  • Take the upper route in the cross room (2nd room of the Watchtower)
  • Wait for guard in spiral
  • All other Normal strategies apply, just be careful of getting spotted twice in Laser room
  • Kill guard with punches, wait until Camera is in line with structure in Minimap (3 blips to the left?)
  • Avoid damage aside from Turret room to avoid problems as Slasher Hawk
  • Big Boss Strategies apply for Outside, there are fewer guards in the initial screens
  • Birds screen is the same between Normal and Very Hard, still challenging to do correctly
  • You can tank damage more easily against Hawk, just be aware you have no ration to fall back on
  • Knock strategy for noisy floor guard, or wait for him to turn around
  • Pick up Chaff grenades before climbing ladder
  • Knocking out guard in lower path route in the box room is free on Doberman, unlike Big Boss
  • Shooting the guard in the box room is faster than knocking out the guard by a second, shoot from below with 2 bullets
  • Damage boosting is fine on Stage 08, save your ration for here
  • Don't use Chaff for turrets during Nikita skip
  • Need to extend the alert with Stuns or Grenades
  • Need to look at Normal route, a bit weird depending on the pillars. Look at Big Boss routing video for an idea.
  • You can tank damage more easily against Havoc, just be aware you have no ration to fall back on.
  • You can tank damage more easily against Metal Gear, just be aware you have no ration to fall back on.
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