Easy difficulty is Ghost Babel with training wheels.

  • More resources spawn
  • Some bosses become easier
  • Snake is built like a tank, needing a ration is fairly unlikely.
  • Fewer guards and cameras
  • One of the awkward aspects of Easy is that Alerts and Evasions clear faster than other difficulties.
  • Guards without body armor die in 1 bullet, 2 bullets with body armor.
  • Guards without body armor will die immediately if you triple punch them.

Tutorial of Outside Stage 04 and Stage 05

Tutorial of Stage 06, Stage 07, and Stage 08

Tutorial of Stage 09 and Stage 10

Tutorial of Stage 11, Stage 12, and Stage 13

  • Differences are irrelevant compared to Normal.
  • Do a one punch buffer to get past the guard in the first screen of the fortress, like on Very Hard.
  • To avoid getting hit by the second guard in the first screen of the fortress, you can perform the Tony Tap. There is a slower but easier version and a faster but more precise version
  • There is no guard after the Chris codec.
  • There is no guard before the ID card truck.
  • You'll need to equip the ID card due to the lack of alert opportunities.
  • First screen's margin for error is gone due to the top guard being absent.
  • There is one fewer turret before the chaff, but isn't worth the trouble picking up.
  • Oddly enough, the screen after the first dogs screen has more guards than Normal difficulty.
  • If you are confident in your play, skip the rations near the end and pick up the ration in the first screen of Stage 09.
  • There is no camera at the end of the first drop, meaning the margin of error or need for a camshot as a back up is gone.
  • There is no guard in the room after the ID card upgrade.
  • There is no guard after the blue box drop.
  • It takes multiple grenades to bring yourself near death before the death abuse. This is where Snake being a tank becomes a liability.
  • There are no guards after the double camera screen during the C4 run.
  • There is no guard at the basement elevator, so use a stun to open the doors.
  • Marionette Owl does not speed up after being shot the first time, requiring a different approach compared to higher difficulties.
  • There is no guard after the vent crawl.
  • There is no guard in the ID card room.
  • You still want to camshot to avoid getting shot by the one turret after Nikita skip.
  • The fast alert clearing makes the second Nikita skip awkward.
  • Pyro Bison has less HP.
  • There is no guard in the gas room.
  • There is C4 in the topleft corner of the Bison room.
  • There is no guard in the East wing of 1F.
  • Havoc helicopter does not shoot for long when on the West or East sides.
  • Kill the guard after the Nikita, remember they take two shots.
  • Pick up the R5 ammo after blowing up the wall.
  • There is no guard in the west area by the door from the entrance.
  • There is no camera in the floor 50 laser room.
  • There is no guard around the noisy floors on floor 50.
  • There is no guard after the elevator on floor 98.
  • Metal Gear never deploys its UAVs
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