Easy difficulty is Ghost Babel with training wheels.

  • More resources spawn
  • Some bosses become easier
  • Snake is built like a tank, needing a ration is fairly unlikely.
  • Fewer guards and cameras
  • One of the awkward aspects of Easy is that Alerts and Evasions clear faster than other difficulties.
  • Guards without body armor die in 1 bullet, 2 bullets with body armor.
  • Guards without body armor will die immediately if you triple punch them.

Stage 08 & 09 Map by Eishiya

  • If you end up with the opposite ration pillar and you know where all the pillars are, you can skip out on the C4 in the basement and pick it up in the side room.
  • There is no guard in the gas room.
  • There is C4 in the topleft corner of the Bison room.
  • There is no guard in the East wing of 1F.
  • Planning out your final bomb placement is important
  • You can opt for picking up the trap grenades in the previous stage, but be aware of the guard.


Fire Map

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