• Hard and Very Hard are fairly similar, as guard and camera patterns are the same
  • Hard gives more resources than Very Hard, but fewer than Easy or Normal
  • Hard and Very Hard both have boss behavior modifiers
  • Snake can take more damage than on Very Hard

Stage 01 Map by Eishiya

Even if you know Stage 01, it's recommended to watch this tutorial to learn the basics of the run.


  • Timing (1:20)
  • Control (1:50)
  • Stage 01 (3:58)
  • AI (6:30)
  • Alerts (8:30)

  • On reaction for first guard on second screen, hold right when he spots you to avoid getting hit on Any% Hard. Example here
  • Rest of the stage move like on Very Hard, 35 still possible.
  • On the bridge, it is recommended to hug the right hedge before entering the screen, and do a small zigzag (1 to 2 steps to the right). This avoids getting spotted by the first guard, while running past the final pair of guards. This is a very small frame buffer.

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