• Hard and Very Hard are fairly similar, as guard and camera patterns are the same
  • Hard gives more resources than Very Hard, but fewer than Easy or Normal
  • Hard and Very Hard both have boss behavior modifiers
  • Snake can take more damage than on Very Hard

Stage 02 Map by Eishiya

Badhumans Door Duck

  • Guard/camera routing is the same as Very Hard.
  • Regardless of Rank 1 or Any5, picking up the Five-seveN in Stage 02 will save you time later in the run. Example here
  • Fast route saves a second, but requires execution on the first and second Fort screens. Also, you can be too fast when approaching the camera, be careful!
  • If you are too slow when passing by the camera guard, he will spot you before you get to the fence. The angle you approach him and the turn timing are important.
  • Entering and exiting the truck resets the guard pattern, allowing Snake to take a slightly faster line. If you do not enter the truck early enough, the guard will spot you as you enter. Remember to turn up into the truck entrance.
  • Safe route loses a second to knocking out the camera guard and avoiding the truck strategy.
  • Be careful on the final guard screen, turning too early will cause an alert.

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