• Going left doesn't lose much time RTA (maybe a couple frames), and is safer

A more detailed discussion of water skip and various methods to do so.

Make sure to walk along the line in the water to be as far to the left as possible. When approaching the ladder, try to climb more on the right side, rather than the left.

This is where variants can happen. Depending on how you move and how many punch buffers you do, your approach will vary. You want to cross the screen while the wave is going across screens. Try to get off the ladder as quickly as possible, unless you want to use that as a buffer.

  • Zero Punch (Radar Buffer): Pay attention to the wave as it starts going down the next part of the sewer on your radar
  • One Punch: You'll need to wait about a 1.5 seconds before going into the screen transition
  • Two Punches: You'll need to wait a split second before going into the screen transition
  • Three Punches: Run to the edge of the walkway, then move down
  • Four Punches: Run to the edge of the walkway, then move down

There are more possible variations, so do what works for you. There is no 'right' way to do it. The key part is crossing the screen at the correct time. It takes about 10 seconds between the first wave passing you on the ladder, and then skipping the second wave.

“There is a ten frame window to skip the second wave, but only eight if you want to skip both the second and third.” - LCC

This skip is about your movement and the timing of the second wave skip. Know when to turn the corners. You want to get into the hallway before the wave hits you. If you are a bit slow, the wave can carry you back.

“There are two frames at the end of the second wave window where it's impossible to skip the third wave, and two frames before that you need perfect movement. If you hear no wave sound after the screen transition, then you can't skip it and have to use the ladder.” - LCC

If you want to take this wave safe, here's a demonstration on how to do so.

This shouldn't hit you if you are planning on going up to the Tower. If you want to get Cardboard Box Y for Rank 1 or Very Hard, go to the exit ladder, wait for the wave to pass, then run over to the last ladder on the right side.

Be careful going down the Box ladder so you don't hit a wave on the way back to the exit ladder.

Zero Punches (Radar)

One Punch

Two Punches

Three Punches

Four Punches

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