• Greater number of guards compared to Normal
  • Greater number of cameras compared to Normal
  • Available ammo pickups are greatly reduced
  • Snake takes maximum damage from enemy attacks
  • You have 2 ration capacity to start, 3 after Owl, 4 after Havoc (Normal maxes at 5)

Stage 03 Map by Eishiya


  • Going left doesn't lose much time RTA, and is safer

Camshot Rats Room, fastest room

Detailed Description of Water Skip

  • A double knock is safe and still saves frames over punching out the two guards.
  • Knocking once is ideal, but the wrong guard may hear it
  • Saves about 30 frames

  • When to equip the box
  • Bad Humans' Spiral Knock, saves about two seconds.
  • Try to time your upleft movement to make the guard punch upleft, avoiding him spotting Snake.
  • If you go yolo and don't get caught by the first set of lasers, take out the Fogger. You will get caught if you run to the door when getting caught by the 2nd or 3rd laser.
  • The yolo run can cause an additional alert from the guard.
  • You can also run along the eastern wall and hope you catch a good cycle going to the door.

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