• Greater number of guards compared to Normal
  • Greater number of cameras compared to Normal
  • Available ammo pickups are greatly reduced
  • Snake takes maximum damage from enemy attacks
  • You have 2 ration capacity to start, 3 after Owl, 4 after Havoc (Normal maxes at 5)

Stage 08 & 09 Map by Eishiya


  • You will need a ration for Nikita skip, unless you use the Guard variant.
  • You can run past by the guard when picking up the Lv 4 Card, but it is riskier (potential RNG look causing an alert and damage).
  • If the guard doesn't spawn below the desks, you need to throw a grenade to continue the alert.
  • HP: 47
  • Takes 4 damage per hit
  • 12 hits to kill
  • Pyro Bison has a new attack - he can use his flamethrower as a jetpack and jump around the room
  • Pyro Bison's initial movement is not the same on (Very) Hard, which is really annoying!

Below is an animated .gif of his invincibility frames, click to watch. Pay attention to Bison's Elbow. The first and final frame of his recovery - ready flamethrower

The second and penultimate frame of his recovery - sharp elbow

No Big Boss Ration

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