Nikita Camshot

Nikita Stun

1F 2nd Trip Chaff

1F 2nd Trip Risky

To Floor 50

Laser Room Camshot range

To Floor 98 Chaff

  • You can opt to throw a grenade at the panel for the first card pick up, to save Nikita for later, but it's not necessary.
  • If you are at 4 alerts, do not take the alert in the laser room, go along the left wall.
  • IF you picked up C4 in Stage 09, you can skip the C4 during the alert.
  • No need to use a stun grenade in this room with the proper movement.
  • Hold right to start, then go downright when Snake intersects with the first guard

  • Throw the stun when the guard crosses the red line, makes this room more consistent.
  • If the third guard isn't stunned, you can knock him out or kill with the R5
  • Two different strategies, depending on your chaff timing.
  • Two Nikita Ammo packs do not spawn in the Nikita Launcher room.
  • C4 does not spawn in the minefield on floor 50.
  • Only Nikita Ammo spawns in the left room on floor 98.

Final No Big Boss Rations

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