• Greater number of guards compared to Normal
  • Greater number of cameras compared to Normal
  • Available ammo pickups are greatly reduced
  • Snake takes maximum damage from enemy attacks
  • You have 2 ration capacity to start, 3 after Owl, 4 after Havoc (Normal maxes at 5)

Stage 11 Map by Eishiya

Nikita Camshot

Nikita Stun

1F 2nd Trip Chaff

1F 2nd Trip Risky

To Floor 50

Laser Room Camshot range

To Floor 98 Chaff

  • You can opt to throw a grenade at the panel for the first card pick up, to save Nikita for later, but it's not necessary.
  • If you are at 4 alerts, do not take the alert in the laser room, go along the left wall.
  • IF you picked up C4 in Stage 09, you can skip the C4 during the alert.
  • No need to use a stun grenade in this room with the proper movement.
  • Hold right to start, then go downright when Snake intersects with the first guard

  • Throw the stun when the guard crosses the red line, makes this room more consistent.
  • If the third guard isn't stunned, you can knock him out or kill with the R5
  • Two different strategies, depending on your chaff timing.
  • Two Nikita Ammo packs do not spawn in the Nikita Launcher room.
  • C4 does not spawn in the minefield on floor 50.
  • Only Nikita Ammo spawns in the left room on floor 98.
  • If a grenade is thrown onto Gander on Fl 98 or Fl 99, it will deal 4 damage at the start of Metal Gear Body per throw.

Any% Rations

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