• Greater number of guards compared to Normal
  • Greater number of cameras compared to Normal
  • Available ammo pickups are greatly reduced
  • Snake takes maximum damage from enemy attacks
  • You have 2 ration capacity to start, 3 after Owl, 4 after Havoc (Normal maxes at 5)

Stage 12 Map by Eishiya

CORRECTION - You can throw grenades at the shoulder cannons.

  • Nikita do not spawn on the right side of the road.
  • Metal Gear shoots at you while walking down the road.
  • The Machine gun shoots more quickly.
  • Nikita ammo does not spawn in the Metal Gear fight.
  • HP: 48
  • Takes 8 damage per hit
  • 6 hits to destroy
  • If you are not confident in a C4 plant, due to the Machine Gun messing up your movement, don't go for the C4 plant and risk getting stomped. It isn't worth it.
  • HP: 96
  • Damage Dealt to Machine Guns: 1 HP
  • Damage Dealt to Upper Cannons: 3 HP, Final Hit is 8 HP
  • Damage Dealt to Missile Launcher: 6 HP
  • Damage Dealt to Flame Thrower: 4 HP
  • Machine Guns can be damaged by Nikita or Grenades
  • Upper Cannons can be damaged only by Nikita
  • Missile Launcher can be damaged only by Nikita
  • Flame Thrower can be damaged only by Grenades
  • Upper Cannons are destroyed after 4 hits, totaling 17 damage per Cannon destroyed
  • Once GANDER reaches 31 HP, Flame Thrower attack begins
  • To finish phase 2, up to 8 grenades are required
  • It is best RTA to pace out your grenade throws, so that you have a better chance of stunning the Machine Gun and opening up the upper cannons.
  • When Machine Guns are flashing, Gander can choose to use the upper turrets, use UAVs, or fire missiles (when it reaches a low enough HP)
  • If a grenade is thrown onto Gander on Fl 98 or Fl 99, it will deal 4 damage at the start of Body per throw. Video shown below.

Missile Discussion

  • Missiles track you based on your initial X/Y Coordinates1) when the first whoosh noise is played.
  • But, later missiles in the sequence check your X/Y Coordinates again, so don't get lazy and stand still
  • 3 missiles fire from the left, 3 fire from the right. The order (e.g. L, L, R, R, L, R, etc.) is not set.
  • You can somewhat manipulate the missiles based on your initial position, but don't only rely on that.
  • Even if you do manipulate based on the initial position, the first missile could come out quickly and hit you.
  • IGT Abuse by pausing can be very helpful to give you time to study the radar and the incoming missiles on screen.
  • It is better to be below a missile than above. A missile will not do damage if they fly through Snake's head. But they will do damage if they fly through his body or legs.

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