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Released in 1990 on the MSX2 Computer system, Metal Gear 2 sets the stage for the rest of the series in gameplay and story. Enemies patrol even when the player isn't on their screen, instead of enemies being static between screens like the original game. This can be seen with the new radar system. Noise can be made to distract guards by knocking on walls or running on noisy surfaces. Solid Snake can crawl along the ground to hide and find his way.

Category Description Route
Any% PS2 PAL/PS2 NTSC/HDC Complete the game as quickly as possible Any% PS2 PAL/PS2 NTSC/HDC
Big Boss PS2 PAL Complete the game as quickly as possible, while playing on original difficulty and getting Big Boss rank Big Boss Tutorial (PS2 PAL)

MG 2 Regions, Versions and Platforms

Card Notes

Big Boss Tutorial (NTSC) by Jaguar_King


Fan Translated Manual for MSX version

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