Sneaking Mode No Weapon Level 4

There are two routes. The hard route and the easy route. Both involve going left because the guard at the bottom guarding the goal will turn right by the time you get to the bottom. First method involves you running along the outer edge of the level. When you reach the bottom, the guard at the bottom should turn by the time you reach him. Run along the wall, up towards the goal in the small hallway. The second method will get you down there faster, but then you'll need to wait for the guard to turn, which he does at the 00:34:22 mark. For this method, just hit diagonal down/left immediately at spawn.

Sneaking Mode No Weapon Level 5

Turn the left corner and head north. You want the guard RNG to be yawning. If you don't get that animation, you can still run past him, but you'll need to move Snake a tad to the right. Guard visions can be poor and here is no difference. The reason you don't want to go right is because for some reason, no matter what guard RNG you get, he will always look upwards and spot you. To reiterate, turn left corner, head north towards the goal. If you don't get the yawning guard from the start, just adjust Snake a little to the right or RESTART until you get the desired RNG.

Sneaking Mode No Weapon Level 6

3 cams. 1 goal. There's no need to worry about the first cam, which is on the right. Another VR mission where you can go about this two ways. The first involves snaking around the platforms and arriving at cam #2 (left side). The other is to just go LEFT from the start and arriving at cam #2. Both will leave you at the same spot. The thing you need to know about cams in VR missions is that their parallel view isn't that great. You can be 3.5 grid squares right in front of them and not be detected.

Once cam #2 passes, go on towards the goal from the left side.

Sneaking Mode No Weapon Level 7

Image provided from the Metal Gear Ghost Babel Official Guide

You'll have to navigate through this small maze with lasers and get to the goal which is at the very center top. The ideal route is to take the right side, even though there's a left route that's quicker. We take the right because the guard that patrols will be on the left side of screen by the time you reach the top, and it'll take time getting around him, thus losing some time. The right route lasers' activity and rests are as follows, beginning from spawn point:

  • Laser 1: 2 sec active 2 sec rest
  • Laser 2: 3 sec active 2 sec rest
  • Laser 3: 2 sec active 2 sec rest
  • Laser 4: 2 sec active 2 sec rest 2 sec active 10 sec rest
  • Laser 5: 2 sec active 2 sec rest
  • Laser 6: 2 sec active 2 sec rest 2 sec active 10 sec rest
  • Laser 7: 2 sec active 2 sec rest 10 sec active 2 sec rest

When you start the mission, it is essential you start at a good time, because unlike guards, the lasers are still active during the mission briefing. Some players wait right before the “K” to appear in “ATTACK” from the briefing. You can also use the first high note in the Metal Gear theme that plays before every VR Mission. I like to look at the virtual waves that you see on the Goal (the 3D exclamation point, specifically the third lower wave). As of right now, you want to wait roughly 3 seconds before starting to get the best Laser route. If done correctly, you'll only need to wait for the last Laser, but not to worry, it's a brief wait.

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