• You can use a grenade or a stun grenade to incapacitate the alert guards. Be aware that mistakes along the way can allow the guards to catch up.
  • Using more stun grenades for the tower climb can potentially save time over using the M9.
Grenade Cook Throw
  • Tranquilize Floor 6, 11, and 15 Guards
  • Hold B after shooting if you want to keep moving and easily press A again to hold the gun up. Press A THEN B to hold up the gun, so you do not punch.
  • Keep your Stun Grenades equipped as you climb the ladder.
  • You can save frames by rolling onto the roof, but it is precise to do so. If you fail you lose frames.
  • You just need a tap to the right as you move up to the Satellite stairs.
  • Roll as you pass the vent on the left to save up to 24 frames. As you roll, L ◄ or ► 1 for Rope.

  • Do not mash Start and B during the fadeout to the rope scene, you may accidentally pause.


  • Remember, to jump you need to press A. To stop on the wall, press B.
  • After the helicopter flies by, two down jumps followed by B.
  • Run downleft along the girder. The steam is random.
  • Once Snake is at the corner, downleft jump.
  • Down jump once you hit the girder.
  • Downright jump once you hit the next girder.
  • Press B when Snake gets underneath the girder to do the girder glitch.

Alternate Rappel Sequence explanation

  • Jump down twice at the start
  • run down the girder to the steam coming out (Whether you get hit by it or not)
  • use the Dpad to jump down-left → down → down-right
  • IF you opted to pick up 3 C4 in Armory, now is the time to pick up the C4.
  • For Headshot/stun strategy - swap to Stun grenades R ▲ 2, ◄ or ► 1 for Socom
  • You can either press B to lock onto the left guard, or let the auto aim go to the right guard.
  • For PSG1-T strat - swap to Stun grenades R ▲ 1, L ▲ 1 to Pentaz, use one.
  • You can save up to 4 frames rolling into the Tower B door.

  • Roll into the “Damn!” trigger after you turn the corner.
  • Roll up the staircases.1)
  • Roll into the Otacon cutscene when you turn the corner.
  • Before Hind from nothing, L ▼ 1 Ration, from Pentaz L ▼ 2
  • If going for RTA race strategies, From SOCOM R ▼ 2 ◄ or ► 1 to Chaff grenades, Use Chaff for 3rd and 4th turret groups.
  • Turn the corner, and aim at the pillar

  • From Nothing, R ▲ 2, ◄ or ► 1 for Stinger
  • The Hind's invincibility frames last 4 seconds.
  • End the fight with the Stinger out.
  • From Stinger, R ▲ 1 for Grenades [At the top of the tower, press up)
Grenade Cook Throw
  • If you do not destroy all turrets, roll down the stairs when you hit the first step. You can choose to do this instead of cooking grenades.
  • After calling the elevator, from stinger, R ▼ 1 for C4
  • You can utilize the Prozac Skip one more time here to save about 3 seconds, DO NOT ATTEMPT until after defeating the Hind, as it will result in a soft lock
  • After the elevator moves, hold Start+A to answer Otacon's call as soon as possible.
  • Press A, then mash B to explode the guards quickly.
  • Pick up the SOCOM ammo if you want, swap to Stinger out before Snake sighs in relief.

Wolf 2 Positions

  • Move onto the PSG-1 T ammo. Swap to Stinger to see where Wolf is.
  • From nothing or Ration, L ▲ 1 or 2 to Pentaz, finish off the Pentaz (not necessary if you used PSG1-T for the Walkway)
  • From Stinger, R ▲ 2 for PSG1-T
  • As you roll into the Wolf cutscene, equip the socom or nikita. Rolling into the cutscene trigger saves up to 22 frames. Plywood's visual cue is the shadow from the tree.

  • From nothing, R ▼ 1, ◄ or ► 1 for Socom OR From nothing, R ▲ 1 for Nikita.
  • After entering the door to the Blast Furnace, go left and press Y to hang over the rail. Press X to drop.
  • We trade health to avoid going against the ledge with the crane.
  • Pick up the stinger ammo, roll into the gap to go into the pipe room. You can set yourself up with the line going through the lockers.

  • You can avoid the steam damage by running along the bottom wall.
  • Roll at this line to save 23 frames compared to running forward.

  • You don't need to face the panel to interact with it. Just run forward and press Y.
  • The slow but easy strategy is to knock out all three guards with the nikita whack.
  • The faster strategy is to headshot all guards. Shoot the guard diagonally across. Lock on with B. TPV and punch to lock onto the final guard behind you.
  • Rolling into the Warehouse door saves up to 2 frames.

  • Turn the upper right corner to face Raven.
  • From Socom, R ▲ 2, ◄ or ► 1 for Stinger
  • Spam A once you equip the Stinger, to fire as soon as possible.
  • Invincibility frames last 90 frames, or 1.5 seconds with no lag.
  • Finish him with the Socom.
  • On dpad, hold upright then right to run along the horizontal line, hold upright at the vertical tile line to roll into the opening door. This saves up to 15 frames.

  • You can do this strategy with analog or dpad.
  • Roll up the stairs if you can to save frames.
  • You can pick up the stinger ammo, but you don't need it.
  • Hold upleft during the camera change to save 4 frames.
  • Roll once you get past the lights on the wall to save up to 12 frames.

  • After the first Otacon codec, run up the stairs. Once Snake is on the catwalk, FPV and headshot the guard at the railing.
  • He will fall over the railing, allowing Snake to avoid walking over the body.
  • Roll once you see Snake's head go above the final step.

  • Similarly, you can headshot the next guard in FPV after the third Otacon codec.
  • Or, fire in TPV as you approach him. The death animation is random, sometimes he will fall over the rail or fall onto the ground.
  • If his body is on the ground, try your best to maneuver around the body so Snake doesn't walk over it.
  • To save up to ~8 frames, you need to flick down then roll as Snake is turning to the stairs. This is fairly precise. The first step is the load zone trigger.

Rope Drop

  • There is an 8 frame window to grab the rope, the final frame is so late that “it looks like Snake's feet are touching the ground.”
  • At 60FPS, you have 0.13 seconds to input or hold Y
  • If you press or hold Y on the frame previous to the 8 frame window, Snake will die.
  • This is thought to be a countermeasure for autofire.
  • Wallguy's “Rope Drop of Shame” backup can be found below

PAL Card

  • When rolling up the final set of stairs, ration to PAL card
  • Shoot the camera in the computer room. There is an audio cue for its destruction and a visual cue of the green light turning red.
  • You will have to kill yourself if you run into the computer room without destroying the camera.
  • Mash Y as you approach the first laptop.
  • Run around the top catwalk to the opposite side.
  • Drop here for the Liquid Nitrogen Pipe (Blue Card/Freeze the Key) to do a TPV shot.

  • Run back to the computer room to use the second laptop.
  • Drop here for the Steam Pipe (Red Card/Warm the Key) to do a TPV shot.

  • Run back to the computer room to use the third laptop.
  • Hold Start+A after the Liquid codec. Press down to open the codec call list.
  • If you didn't get the Nuke Building 1F call, press up and left for Otacon.
  • If you did get the Nuke Building 1F call, press up for Otacon.
  • Press B to exit the call, hold left on Dpad and start. Quick change to ration. Once Snake's back is leaning against the Door, Press A.

  • At minimum, you need 14 stinger missiles to defeat Rex
  • From nothing, R ▲ 1, ◄ or ► 1 for Stinger


  • From whiteout to ending of invincibility frames is about 5 seconds long2)
  • The Radome's invincibility frames are 2 seconds long (120 frames) without lag.
  • Fire after 1 second3).
  • This is the magic spot where you will only get hurt by the machine gun, not the missiles.

  • If you are unsure you got the magic spot, creep a bit forward after the first set of missiles.


  • Don't forget to re-equip the ration!
  • You should only move if you hit another part of Rex.
  • The Cockpit's invincibility frames are 2 seconds long (120 frames).
  • If in the rear, fire after 1 second.
  • If in the front, fire after 1.5 seconds.
  • This fight requires a lot of practice to understand Liquid's AI. With enough practice and knowledge, 2:00 flat is an achievable time floor.

  • Lottery Roll Analog Angle based off of Gamecube Controller from BlueMetal
  • 0:00 Downleft on Dpad, stop in middle just to the right of the LEFT blotch
  • 0:01 Liquid Moves, one right tap on Dpad will turn Snake, moving Liquid to the Lottery Corner (NorthEast)
  • 0:03 Move with Analog, I am doing an intentional whiff to show what happens when Liquid goes right
  • 0:05 You can kite him back into the corner without doing much damage along the way, but or continue to do damage for consistency.
  • 0:06 Do a PPK in SE
  • 0:07 Do a PPK in SW
  • 0:10 Do a PP in the NW. PPK in NW corner will knock him off Rex, don't do that! You need to be very careful about your distance here, if you go too close, he can dodge and roundhouse kick you.
  • 0:12 He loops back to Lottery Roll Corner
  • 0:15 If he ends up around this corner, I do PP then a circle to slowly push him up to the N edge.
  • 0:23 Rolling along this edge can net extra damage. I rolled at a really weird angle, but the video posted above shows it as well.
  • 0:30 If you do FPV punches in phase 3, be careful not to stand too close that he stomps you.
  • 0:37 After doing FPV PPs, I go to circle strat (not the best execution of it)
  • 0:00 Downleft on Dpad, stop in middle just to the right of the LEFT blotch
  • 0:01 Liquid Moves, one right tape on Dpad will turn Snake, moving Liquid to the Lottery Corner (NorthEast)
  • 0:03 Move with Analog, I am doing an intentional whiff to show what happens when Liquid goes left
  • 0:06 Method to kite him back into the lottery roll position, run to the S part of the LEFT blotch
  • 0:11 Alternative method of going for damage on this position (THIS IS JUST LIKE STARTING THE FIGHT BY FIGHTING, in other words, this is similar to Liquid's initial position) He will go S
  • 0:13 Make sure to go downleft towards him to bait him into going E, PPK as he goes right
  • 0:15 you can go for a PP (safest), PPK or PPRoll. Keep in mind that his behavior in the SE corner is similar to the NW corner, in that he can dodge and counter attack easily
  • 0:17 I attempted to go back into the position to kite him into the Lottery Corner. I failed since I don't do this anymore if I get left Liquid.

JMChunk initial roll for quick damage, can be followed up by the lottery roll afterwards

  • Once Snake steps on the stairs, roll forward.

  • In order to avoid getting shot while shooting the barrels, we will knock out the three guard who appear.
  • DO NOT KILL THEM, or you will spawn in a replacement guard. 11 chokes will kill.
  • You need to be in the parking lot by the time Otacon is turning the key, or you will lose time.
  • When using the Machine Gun, 3 shots will kill a guard, 6 shots will destroy a barrel
  • You can not instakill a guard with a headshot or groinshot
  • Shoot immediately at start, you’ll hit him with a right tap.
  • Aim along the outside of his jeep, fan in once he aims the FAMAS at Snake.
  • There’s a low chance that when he crashes into your jeep, his car will become slower and lag behind. This changes the tunnel phase, as he won’t drive into your jeep.

Tunnel/Bumper Phase

  • Ply does a Third Person Shot during transition, seems to make the shot more consistent

  • Depending on when you do the transition shot, Liquid's i-frames will affect the tunnel phase.
  • Aim for the head after he bumps his car into yours.
  • On final bump, shoot him once you get out of the tunnel.
  • Repeat the fanning motion.

Side by Side Columns Phase

  • Again, go for Third person shot on the transition

  • Shoot him in the pants/abdomen on side by side

Side by Side Crashing Phase

  • Aim at his back or his far shoulder (right shoulder)
  • Aim far to the left
  • Choose TPV, FPV, or a mixture of two. It's essentially personal preference.

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