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when exiting darpa chiefs cell before the guard encounter FurryFapMaster: the fast way to exit is to face the exit door and stand as close as possible(edited) hold down during the door opening cutscene and mash the x (the roll button)

that lets you exit the room in 8 frames (after you regain control)

just holding down is 10 frames

if you backup against the door and hold down, you exit in 14 frames Maybe 2 frames faster if you get a frame perfect mash. But does the game check for input at every frame interval? So if you were one frame early or one frame late you'd miss the bus per say, assuming an input check happens every 2 frames. I could be wrong here, I just seem to remember someone finding (when we were testing OG ninja phase skip) that inputs don't cause an action, depending on the action intended, until frames (of some number) after the input was made. FurryFapMaster: the way i tested it, i held down throughout, and pressed x on the second frame i had regained control from other testing i know that if you press a direction and x on the same frame, you do not roll

but if you press x one frame after holding a direction, you do get a roll if you have down direction held, i dont think theres any risk of going prone

Wallguy: I have definitely noticed you can't press a direction and roll on the same frame. That's for sure. Wallguy: so it probably checks every frame but with some limitations

so how fast the elevator will come down does depend on which frame you interact with it when you interact with the elevator switch, the game starts a count down

ive tested it about 10 times, and the countdown values ive gotten are 600, 360, 180 and 48

the game decrements this value by 1 every frame when the value reaches 0, the elevator door opens

if you interact with the switch again while the value is counting down the value gets set to 123 and continues to count down

if the value is already 123 or lower, interacting with the elevator switch has no effect so you can lose either about 200 frames if you get the 600 or 360 pattern

or lose 160ish frames if you get the 180 pattern over the 48 pattern that is ok so theres an 8 frame pattern that repeats over and over 01. 360 02. 600 03. 360 04. 48 05. 360 06. 600 07. 360 08. 180

i was worried it would be 1/60 but 1/8 chance of getting fast elevator isnt so bad So is a fast elevator a frame-perfect timing sort of thing? every 8th frame is going to give you fast elevator its probably tied to the global timer so you cant use any references, visuals or set ups

dont try to roll through the door leading out of the ocelot room to b2 of the armory it can not save you a single frame Here's something I don't know if I've mentioned. For all the crawling you guys do in the caves, approx. 30 seconds, you do not save as much time as in other places. You save 64 frames. [11:32 PM] FurryFapMaster: you mean where we roll into prone before the crawl space as opposed to dropping to prone right next to the crawl space?

[11:33 PM] Wallguy: I meant to say fapping vs not fapping. [11:33 PM] Wallguy: roll to prone always helps.

after multiple attempts, i think i can conclude its faster to enter the elevator from the far left rather than the center [11:59 PM] FurryFapMaster: by about ~5 frames

FurryFapMaster: going prone from neutral takes 68 frames before you are allowed to start crawling forward [12:27 AM] FurryFapMaster: rolling to prone takes 88 frames before you are allowed to crawl [12:28 AM] Blue: So you need to save 20 frames from a roll getting to the crawl spot for it to at least even out [12:29 AM] FurryFapMaster: yes [12:31 AM] FurryFapMaster: when you roll and move towards a crawl space, you obviously save frames because those 88 frames start counting a lot sooner [12:31 AM] FurryFapMaster: than if you ran up to the crawl space and then went prone from neutral

early detonation of the nikita by quickswapping before it hits the generator can save up to 31 frames

ninja, mantis and ocelot have the same hp on all difficulties remaining bosses have different HP values based on difficulty

so if dead zones are especially bad in a run, unplug your controller mid run and plug it back in, taking care that the left stick is perfectly neutral

yeah, and when your controller gets more loose, the stick tends to wobble easier without touching it. And the gamecube analog is very sensitive

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