Boss Survival is a game mode where the player fights through all the bosses in the game consecutively.

Unlocks with a completed savefile. For links to completed savefiles and the developer save, check the MGS2 Resources page.

General Information

  • Can be played on Sons Of Liberty (with exception to NTSC-U), Substance, and the HD Edition.
  • Difficulties somewhat follow the Sons of Liberty NTSC-J naming convention:
    • “Easy” = Very Easy from most versions.
    • “Normal” = Easy from most versions.
    • “Hard” = Hard from most versions.
  • Extreme can only be accessed using the developer menu.
  • Final Score Screen time is always one or two frames less than what the player sees after the final hit on Solidus.
  • HD Edition increased the time it takes for grenades to blow up, therefore Stun Grenade strategies for the Tengu fights might differ a bit.
  • Load times, lag, and pausing the game using start do NOT count towards the in-game timer.
  • Menu-ing weapons and items do count towards the in-game timer.
  • Optimal strategies for boss fights in the main game does NOT always translate well to Boss Survival.
  • PAL50 should run at a lower framerate, therefore should result in a worse final in-game time.
  • Sons of Liberty (NTSC-J) has a slightly faster Solidus since you can hit the walls with the blade, cancelling the animation halfway through.
  • The boss fights on Sons Of Liberty and Substance Xbox NTSC-U include:
    • Olga, Fatman, Harrier, Vamp, MG-Rays, and Solidus.
  • The boss fights on Substance and HD Edition include:
    • Olga, Guard Rush, Fatman, Harrier, Vamp, Tengus, MG-Rays, and Solidus.
  • Two playable characters: Raiden and Snake.
  • Tengus can NOT be skipped using the Door Glitch, but can be skipped using the Coolant/Choke/Stun skips.
DifficultyNumber of GuardsNumber of Tengus
Easy 4 + 3 20
Normal 5 + 3 22
Hard 8 + 3 25
Extreme 8 + 3 25

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