Full game runs are timed by RTA. They have two different categories: Main Game and the Document of MGS2. The former can be done with individual characters or all of them.

Runs are of two types:

  • Any%: Finishing each mission as fast as possible.
  • S-Rank: Beat the default top score, have no kills, no alerts, no rations used and no continues.

Explanation of S-Rank terminology:

  • DEFAULT TOP SCORE = The default score for each level that appears on a new save file. You may play on an pre-made save file, but keep the top default score in mind.
  • KILLS = A kill is counted if a guard dies to lethal weapons, chokes, falling off a rail, etc.
  • RATIONS = A ration is considered used if one is consumed. Picking up rations does NOT matter.
  • CONTINUES = A continue is counted if a game-over screen appears. Even if the player clicks EXIT and then re-selects the level, it still counts. Pausing and selecting RESET is allowed!

Tip: Having a pre-made save file that has a unrealistically optainable score can save a second or so at the end of every level. See the Resources page for a pre-made MGSR Savefile for PC that can help you with this. For S-Rank runs, you still have to keep in mind what the original top default scores were!

The following includes various strategies useful for full-game runs (either Any% or S-Rank). While technically, the IL strategies would produce better times for the vast majority of levels, they are not always the most realistic in a Single Segment setting for a full-game run.

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