• To unlock all missions without playing through them, name your savefile “UUDDLRLRBA” aka the Konami Code


  • V's Fix for PC: This is another way to make the PC version more usable on modern PC's. Fixes the launcher and makes it more user friendly. Includes the widescreen fix, texture fixes, and better controller support.
  • Autosplitter for PC (New Version by bmn): Very stable and includes lot of extras for ASL VAR Viewer, such as Alerts, Kills, # of Rolls/Cartwheels and much more along with pre-made splits. You must run LiveSplit as administrator


  • Maxed out (999,999) VR Save File (PC): Sets default 1st, 2nd and 3rd place scores to 999999, guaranteeing you will never place. Useful for full character or full game runs, since you won't have a slight delay in progressing to the next level with the clear code notification. For use with PC version only. Place the “Missions Data” folder where your saves are located. (direct download)


  • Rapid Fire Setup: A quick tutorial on how to setup Rapid Fire on the PC port, by JMC.

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