The following is the general structure for all missions.
Note: Not every character has access to all the available modes.

VR Missions:

  • Sneaking Mode
    • Sneaking
    • Eliminate All
  • Weapon Mode
    • Handgun
    • Assault Rifle
    • C4/Claymore
    • Grenade
    • PSG-1
    • Stinger
    • Nikita
    • HF.Blade / No Weapon
  • First Person View Mode
  • Variety Mode

Alternative Missions

  • Bomb Disposal Mode
  • Elimination Mode
  • Hold Up Mode
  • Photograph Mode


  1. All characters have to do every Weapon level, with exception to Raiden (Ninja) who only has access to HF. Blade.
  2. Raiden characters have to do HF. Blade levels rather than No Weapon, and vice versa for the Snake characters.
  3. First Person View Mode and Photograph Mode are only available to the main Raiden and Snake characters, not their reskins.
  4. Raiden and Snake have access to 7 Variety Mode levels, whereas the other characters have access to less.
  5. While the majority of levels take place in the same rooms, the guard cycles, available equipment, difficulty, etc. are different.

MGS2VR is a point-based game. Points are awarded for meeting certain requirements during the duration of the level. Some point bonuses are universal, some are level dependent.


  • Levels: All
  • Points awarded to the player based on how many in-game ticks/frames were saved.
  • Every level starts with a timer that counts backwards towards 00:00:00.
  • On 60Hz: The game decrements time by 6 ticks for every XX:XX:10 units of time. They are as follows:
    • XX:XX:X0, :X1, :X3, :X5, :X6, :X8
  • On 50Hz: The game decrements time by 5 ticks for every XX:XX:10 units of time. They are as follows:
    • XX:XX:X0, :X2, :X4, :X6, :X8
FramerateLevelTime Bonus
60 Hz Bomb Disposal 1 points per frame saved
60 Hz Everything Else 2 points per frame saved
50 Hz Bomb Disposal 1 points per frame ending in XX:XX:X0, :X2, :X4, :X8. 2 points per frame ending in :X6
50 Hz Everything Else 2 points per frame ending in XX:XX:X0, :X2, :X6. 3 points per frame ending in :X4, :X8

Note: It is possible to end a level with a time of 00:00:00, but 0 points are rewarded as a time bonus. This is true regardless of what framerate or level is being played.

Sneaking Bonus:

  • Levels: Sneaking, Eliminate All
  • Points: 0, 500, 1000, or 1500 points
  • If a guard spots you, the player is deducted points

No-Kill Bonus:

  • Levels: Sneaking, Eliminate All*
  • Points: 0 or 2000 points
  • If the game registers a kill, the player recieves 0 points. Otherwise, the player recieves 2000 points.

Bullet Bonus:

  • Levels: Eliminate All, Weapon Mode Levels, (some) Variety, (some) First Person View, Bomb Disposal, Elimination
  • Points: 0 - XXXXXX points
  • Player recieves certain amount of points per bullet for certain weapons. Does NOT apply to any items.
  • Points are rewarded based on how many bullets the player ends with, not how many are used/saved (i.e: picking up ammo packs grants more points).
WeaponBullet Bonus (points per bullet)
M9 50
Socom 50
USP 50
M4 5
AK-74u 5
C4 50
Claymore 50
Book 0
Grenade 50
Stun Grenade 0
Chaff Grenade 0
Magazine 0
PSG1 50
PSG1-T 50
RGB6 50
Stinger 50
Nikita 50

Note: The following weapons do not have bonuses attached to them as they do not expend bullets:

  • Coolant Spray
  • Directional Microphone
  • H.F Blade

Map Score (Photograph):

  • Levels: Photograph
  • Points: 10000, 20000, or 30000 points
  • Player recieves stars based on how close the taken photograph is to the required photograph.
  • Each Star is worth 10,000 points and the maximum amount of stars possible is 3, therefore a maximum of 30,000 points for Map Score.
    1. Exception: Raiden Photograph 02 allows the player to double their map score if a photo of both guards jumping is taken.
    2. Exception: Snake Photograph 07 allows the player to get a map score of 99,999 with a Kojima-related easter egg. Reset 10 times then take a photo of the poster in the middle-left locker.

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