"Snake, try to remember some of the basics of CQC."

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was released in 2004. Commonly a fan favorite, MGS3 serves as a prequel to the series. Snake Eater expands combat with its Close Quarters Combat (CQC) system. It also emphasizes survival with its natural setting and food system. Unlike the meta narrative of MGS2, Snake Eater's Cold War era setting features a more traditional spy story. An underrated speedrun, MGS3 is a criminally underan game. The techniques and mechanics lend themselves perfectly to speedrunning and if you're looking for a game that will challenge your movement skills, MGS3 is the one.

Very EasyAny%Complete the game as fast as possibleWIP, Video
Very EasyAll Camos and FacepaintsComplete the game as fast as possible while collecting all camos and facepaintsVideo
NormalAny%Complete the game as fast as possibleWIP
European ExtremeFoxhound/Any% Complete the game as fast as possible. For Foxhound, you must be meet the foxhound critera, found in the Ranks section.WIP
European ExtremeFoxhound/Tuxedo Complete the game as fast as possible while using the Tuxedo suit.WIP

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