Note: This page only lists the differences in its route from Any% RTA. For the full route to Any% RTA go here.

Save the time from the intro cutscene by dying once on the ground floor. When you spawn again, it's right after you get out of the water, but your IGT will be set to 0. Meaning if you die on the inital checkpoint, you can save the time that has been wasted by the intro cutscene. For the rest of the ground floor just don't grab the rations in the truck. Only get the level 1 door card and then get to the elevator.

Instead of grabbing the rations on the ground floor, die 5 times on the second floor to trigger the death abuse effect. The fastest way to die RTA is in the gas room to the south west of the floor. After that 5th death, you will get 6 rations and some weapons with ammunition in your inventory. With that death abuse you also don't have to grab the plastic explosive in the death barrel room anymore. Just go through the second floor as usual with that difference.

After retrieving your items from the right door, south of the Shotmaker room, remove the transmitter as usual and head into the left room. Only grab the level 3 card and then continue as usual. We are getting ammunition for the grenade launcher on the roof once again via death abuse.

After the MGK floor, enter the roof and drop off the bridges 5 times to activate the death abuse effect. You should have then rank 3 and get 60 grenades for your grenade launcher.

For the most part Building 2 is the same, but your menus change since you won't use up your last rations anymore in the underground. Starting with the Underground and also going up to the first floor where the compass and brads are, some menus are different.

Switch from level 5 to level 6 card:

  • L2 - Down - L2

Switch back again naturally is:

  • L2 - Up - L2

Going from level 5 card to level 3 card is:

  • L2 - Left 2x - Up - L2

The menu from level 3 card to level 6 card stays the same:

  • L2 - Right 2x - Down 2x - L2

Grabbing the rocket launcher, putting on the level 5 card and RL are slightly different:

  • L2 - Up - R2 - Left R2

After death abuse and killing the Brads, entering the level 2 card the menu is as follows:

  • L2 - Left 2x - Up 2x - L2

And reverse to come back to the level 5 card

  • L2 - Right 2x - Down 2x - L2

After leaving the elevator, as usual, get ready to heal up fully before swimming all the way to the top. Coming from the level 5 card it is further away to go back to the ration.

Go to the ration as follows:

  • L2 - Left 2x - Down 2x - L2

For the switch between Ration and level 7 card, it has gotten easier almost.

  • L2 - Right 2x - L2

And from the level 7 card back to the ration to heal it is of course:

  • L2 - Left 2x - L2

Moving through the desert and into the Building 3, nothing has changed for the menus.

In order to remove the poison for an easier time and not needing to heal up twice before the TX-55 fight, you can die once to the pit after you entered the Building 3. Either die once to a pit going from the entrance door to the elevator, or enter the elevator and immediately step out again to die to a pit then.

After you died and removed the poison damage, you have to heal up once and then equip the level 8 door card.

  • L2 - Left 2x - Circle (B) - Right 2x - Down 2x - L2

Follow the path as usual into the gas room. Tank the damage and don't heal up, you have enough health to get you through the first gas room.

After exploding the wall open and not dying to the pit, before entering the level 1 door, equip the fitting card as such:

  • L2 - Down 2x - Left 2x - L2

As soon as the door opened, equip the ration. Do that either before or right after entering the room.

  • L2 - Down - L2

You can use the ration automatically while moving through the room. Before reaching the end switch back to the level 1 card as such:

  • L2 - Up - L2

Now in the room with the electric floor switch back to the ration for the final time, after that, the menus are the same.

  • L2 - Down - L2

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