Error: In Digit 2, swap the bit positions of Tank and Bulltank. Bulltank should be bit 5, Tank should be bit 4.

Resolving the XXXXXXXXXXXXX:

Digit 6 bit 1 is the fake Dr. Pettrovich on floor 2 of building 2. I call this prisoner Prttrovich because of the typo in the dialogue. This prisoner counts for the total of ranking up.

Digit 10 bit 5 is a non-prisoner flag. It gets cleared when rations are obtained, so it could be a dummied out Rations+16 that can be set in password but gets cleared because it is not used, although it is saved in the password if it is set at the time. I will do some research on this in the future.

Digit 21 bit 4 is the poisoned status. However, the flag gets cleared immediately after entering the password. The poisoned status is saved in the password when dying while poisoned.

Digit 21 bit 3 is an unknown prisoner that counts for the total of ranking up. I have no idea where the prisoner is or if it is possible to rescue normally, but I will do some research on this in the future.

Addition: If you enter a quantity of ammo or rations that is more than the rank can hold, the amounts are allowed, but obtaining more will set the quantity to the maximum that the rank can hold.

Prisoner count for ranking: All 3 Coward Duck prisoners count as a single prisoner; all 3 must be rescued in order to count in the total. However, this “prisoner” will not cause a rank up probably because of special logic for the triple prisoners and because rank 4 is expected to be obtained at this point. Ellen counts as a normal prisoner. Dr. Pettrovich counts as a normal prisoner only after Ellen is rescued.

Rank locations should be added to the list of starting points

1 star rank – at the beginning of the game, at the start of the jungle

2 star rank – inside building 1 just inside the front entrance

3 star rank – in the east elevator of building 1 at the floor 1 position

4 star rank – outside as if just exiting building 1 by the back door

To answer “Are there any passwords that the game rejects that I have not listed in Section 6?”:

You listed everything that the game rejects. This can be confirmed by this password that has everything:


But a more useful password is this, which has everything except the final 2 bosses and the transmitter:


Edit: I finally figured out the memory address for the Supercomputer's HP and added that to the lua script, which was uploaded to the guides. It uses one a few scratchpad addresses for the current room instead of the normal boss HP variable. Another address is used, which is the flag for rescuing Dr. Pettrovich, to determine whether Supercomputer can be damaged. The lua script will show 'INF' if Supercomputer cannot be defeated.

This means that if any prisoners are shot, which resets all the prisoners, then Supercomputer cannot be defeated. Also because Supercomputer's HP goes down by 1 for 8 consecutive frames instead of all at once, do not explosion cancel otherwise the explosive will not do full damage.

Also, do not menu after the supercomputer is defeated until after the countdown message, otherwise the supercomputer will not actually be defeated as shown in this really old video of mine:

Also, I found the memory address for the maze zone, 0x07C9. It is 0 when first entering or if after going the wrong way, 1 after the first left, 2 after the second left, and 128 after the following up. I added to the lua script the next direction to go in the maze to avoid getting lost.

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