To perform a Cig Run, you must never use a ration and have the Cigarettes equipped as much as possible. On Extreme, this means you can afford no hits for most of the run. This page has damageless strategies.

The first 3 guards, following the displayed strat should work 100% of the time, unless you run into the guard shooting meryl or take too long to flip them.
Should always be damageless.

As for the rest of the fight, my favourite way is to shoot the guards 4 times, allowing Meryl to only have to shoot them once to kill them. This is the fastest way I have found that still keeps the Big Boss rank. Another safe method is to just punch them once or hold them in the choke position until meryl shoots.
  • If you knock on the wall under the pipes (where the trap door is) the time it takes snake to run down with no weapon is exactly the same time it takes until you flip him. Should be golden everytime

Roof Communications Tower A

  • “Position your thumb at 10 o'clock while climbing the stairs, and 7 o'clock when descending. This way, you hug the exterior walls, run up the stairs in the most direct route, and don't become stuck or stalled on the banisters.” - Official Strategy Guide
  • Throw the Stun at the orange shadow before the door
  • You must shoot the catwalk guard before going to the wall to do an ideal strategy
  • Nikita is the simplest to use to destroy the crane, line yourself up near the sidle point, fire up. Tactical Reload to destroy precisely

Vulcan Raven Boss Subpage

Underground Base 2

  • The rat can hear you shoot regardless of distance, so unequip with R1 to avoid this. For example, the rat is by the turret and you shoot by the stairs.

MG-REX Boss Subpage

Liquid Snake Boss Subpage

  • If you fall off the edge, you will die on Extreme
  • During Phase 2, Liquid will counterattack even if you finish with a kick on Hard and Extreme

  • You can PPK to finish Liquid off at 12 HP on all difficulties besides Easy
  • You cannot throw Liquid to finish the fight if you knock him down with 0 HP on Normal, Hard and Extreme. Instead, PPK
Start: Many ways to deal with the start, the way I demonstrated is just an experiment. Do what is best for you.
1st Outpost: This one is simple, just make sure to line up for the barrel. For an extra precaution on damageless, shoot the guards once to stun them as you aim between barrels.
2nd Outpost: In my opinion, the hardest part of Damageless. The middle guard should almost never be able to hit you, unless you are rotating clockwise, given this fact, I found shooting only the right and left guard when rotating anti-clockwise and when rotating clockwise, hit the middle guard to avoid him shooting you. It is the only consistent way that I found.

Liquid 1: Make use of his ducking mechanic as a breather and to stop him shooting you during / just after I-Frames.
Liquid 2: The frame perfect shot is super helpful, but if you don't get it, make sure to be quick on shooting him after the bump.
Liquid 3: Same as Liquid 1, just watch out for his 1st shot.
Liquid 4: Easiest part, every man and his dog knows about where to aim to get him in a stun lock
Liquid 5: Can be tricky, but I find that if you aim between Liquid's forehead and his steering wheel, you will shoot him fine. I kind of jiggle between there.

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