External Gazer is the fifth of five Snake Tales.

The language of the captions affects how many pages the player has to skip during the run. The less pages, the faster it is. For External Gazer (tested on Substance), the order of languages from least pages to most is as follows:

  1. Japanese
  2. French
  3. Italian
  4. Spanish
  5. English, German

Note: Korean needs to be tested.

The following table are the amount of pages to skip for in Dead Man Whispers:

AB Connecting Bridge #1
VR: Snake Bomb Disposal 02
VR: Snake Elimination 06
CD Connecting Bridge
Strut C Dining Hall
AB Connecting Bridge #2
AB Connecting Bridge #3
VR: Snake Variety 07
VR: Snake Sneaking 03
VR: Snake Handgun 03
VR: Snake Eliminate All 05
VR: Snake Sneaking 08
VR: Post-Snake Sneaking 08
VR: Raiden Bomb Disposal 01
Arsenal Gear Rectum
Federal Hall #1
Federal Hall #2

Note: This category involves a few VR levels. For the optimal strategies that are usually not single segment friendly, have a look at the leaderboards or the VR2 Wiki for more information on this.

AB Connecting Bridge:

  • Head right and go up when the bridge splits. Roll into the cutscene to save a little bit of time.

Snake Bomb Disposal 02:

  • SKIP! Press start and click exit.

Snake Elimination 06:

  • SKIP! Press start and click exit.

CD Connecting Bridge:

  • Approach the guard and roll the moment he spots you. Before he fires at Snake, equip the M9. Leave towards Strut C.
  • This works on Perfect Stats as well, but if you're too slow you might get a transition alert which counts towards the total alert count. To avoid this, stop and tranqulize the guard.

Strut C Dining Hall:

  • Any%: Head south towards the exit to the BC Connecting Bridge. For safety, hold up the guard as you leave.
  • Perfect Stats: Head south then take a left into the men's bathroom. Open the first door and pick up the chaff grenades. This will be used in the next room.

BC Connecting Bridge:

  • Any%: Ignore the cypher entirely. When you're halfway through the bridge, fire three quick third-person shots into the guard thats near the southern door.
  • Perfect Stats: Throw the chaff immediately and head south. Fire three quick third-person shots into the guard thats on your way.

Strut B Transformer Room:

  • Any%: Head right into the room there and exit from the southern door. Equip the Wet Box just in case the assault team unit fires at you.
  • Perfect Stats: Head south and fire three quick third-person shots into the guard thats on your way.

AB Connecting Bridge:

  • After skipping the cutscene, equip the AP Sensor before menu-ing to the camera. Take a picture of the Gurlogon after he surfaces. When the Gurlogon decides to surface is heavily dependent on RNG.
  • There's also a ration that can be picked on the bridge here which can be useful for the upcoming guard rush.

Boss Fight: Guard Rush:

Boss Fight: Gurlugon:

  • At the start, press against the wall to the north of Snake. As soon as you hear the Gurlogon about to attack, step away.
  • The Gurlogon should destroy the wall that Snake was pressed against revealing a book. Equip this and place it down then just stand on top of it. Wait for the Gurlogon to try and attack (first it'll lock on then attack) and that's it!

Snake Sneaking 03:

  • As soon as the level starts, perform a double punch to act as a buffer. Then head towards the goal by sticking to the left side of the map.

Snake Handgun 03:

Snake Eliminate All 05:

  • Any%:
  • Perfect Stats:

Snake Sneaking 08:

Raiden Bomb Disposal 01:

  • SKIP! Press start and click exit.

Boss Fight: Metal Gear RAYS:

  • The MG-Rays fight is based on Normal from the Plant section of full game. You're required to take down a total of 7 Rays (or the health equivalent of 7 Rays).
  • The fight will slightly differently than what Raiden faces from the main game, as Snake has to pick up the Stinger to his left.
  • It's recommended to learn the loop, have a look at the MG-Rays page on the Wiki for more detailed information on this fight.

Boss Fight: Solidus:

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