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Rays Open mouth attack The basic way to deal damage against Ray is to attack a leg, causing it to open its mouth so a head attack will deal heavy damage. At times (particularly shortly after a new Ray appears), Ray will do a battle cry. If you can anticipate this (there's very little time, if any, to react), you can hit them for open mouth damage with a single shot. The simplest time to do this is at the very start of the battle. The middle, then right, then left Ray will do a battle cry, and with perfect shooting you can hit all of them. Hold R2 before the battle begins to immediately equip the Stinger, then instantly fire and then lock on to the head and move on to the one on the right to do the same (mash Square to get an instant shot). If you find it too hard to hit three, then skip the middle and go for the right and left Rays. When a Ray is on the platform with you, when close up and directly in front of them they will do a water cannon attack. You can bait this by getting close and running horizontally past their field of vision. Continue running past to dodge the attack, and you can get a free open mouth shot. Don't be too close though, as you may not be able to aim the Stinger high enough. You can also bait the water cannon after hitting a Ray, by simply standing in front of them.

Release Emma's hand when the camera angle changes to break room

Added to MGS2 FAQ

cartwheel when you reach the end of the second platform to avoid platform falling scene (1-2 bridge)

Enemy AI behaviour varies depending on many situations. Knowing the different ways in which they will react to certain environmental scenarios and other things can prove useful in some cases.

Firstly, when an enemy solider is attacked whether by being held up, shot, punched or rolled through, they will always turn to face the Player Character. Similarly when they wake up from being knocked unconscious they will stand up and face the Player. If you hold them up and they reach down for their gun, they will face you and make a call out. Consequently when they are tranquilsed by the M9 or PSG1-T, they’ll wake up, face the direction they were before, yawn and continue their patrol as normal. This will not result in a caution. The enemy AI will also react to sounds and other things in the environment that the player makes, for example knocking on a wall or running over a noisy floor. However, the usual response to these actions are broken if there is something else that takes priority, examples being, waking up from an unconscious state or seeing a fallen comrade or a solider held up. This can be used to your advantage in some situations. A fellow soldier spotting the player can also give other enemies within earshot the give away something is wrong, they’ll usually ask what is wrong while they rush to see what the problem is. Shooting an enemy radio for example after he spots you to avoid a callout, if said enemy runs past another, the latter guard will callout a caution in response to his distressed comrade. During the exit of Shell 1 on HDC, this action consequently breaks the caution counter, giving you an extended or perhaps infinite caution timer, until you exit to the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge.

Added to MGS2 Versions, Platforms, and Regions!

On the PS2 PAL Region versions of MGS2 (Sons Of Liberty & Substance) due to the reduced framerate of 50fps, some environmental changes occur. Largely, enemies fall asleep faster from body shots from the M9 or PSG1-T & Cyphers are slower to turn while the player maintains a consistent speed. Due to this, on European Extreme, the player can run directly across the EF bridge without the cypher turning to see you. Another consequence of the reduced frame rate is fortune fires 16 extra shots on European Extreme to compensate. There are also PAL exclusive strats, such as the Fatman Loop on Extreme and European Extreme. However, the choking scene post Rays is 65s long (CORRECTION DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU LOOK). As opposed to 50s on PC and a mesley 15s on HDC.


Misc information (all tested on euro extreme) Olga damage value: 11 body shots Headshots 4 Fatman (European Extreme) 13 M9 headshots 13 socom headshots (interesting) Being knocked down chips his stamina bar away also Harrier 21 (could be more or less depending on where you hit him most, out wing does more damage than inner wing) Vamp; critical M9 + 55 punches with a weapon equipped Non critical M9 + 61 punches with weapon equipped Non critical M9 + 61 punches with no weapon equipped Non critical M9 + 61 AK swipes Solidus 96 punches Phase 1 49 punches Phase 2 46 punches 92 swipes Phase 1 47 swipes Phase 2 45 swipes Guards 25 punches to knock out with weapon equipped (third person view) Punches till knocked out with no weapon 25 FPV punches till knocked out 25 Goes to sleep with a single tranq in the back in 8 seconds In the leg or arm 20s 2 M9 darts to the leg is 8s 4 full PPK combos to knock a guard out 5 throws to knock a guard out 11 chokes to break a guard neck (in succession) 23 single choke drop choke to knock out Caution timer: 1 minute Evasion timer 20s Caution post evasion timer: 1 minute Backup response ~15s Raiden's cartwheel flips are faster than running. Snake's rolls are not.


  • Roll past camera when Snake's head meets rail
  • Roll downstairs when camera changes
  • go over rail in Engine room NOT past the line in floor Added to Any% pages
  • release left and then press X when Snake begins hanging during ladder glitch Added to Ladder Glitch page


  • cartwheel in the middle to open the door early to docks
  • hug the bottom wall when cartwheeling past noisy floor on AB, to prevent rolling too late and making noise
  • warning shot on staircase for Strut D clockwise
  • 2nd line for clockwise drop for Strut D
  • shoot at bottom of right staircase for DE Evasion strategy
  • Cartwheel to prone at Helipad line
  • crouch at line to freeze Strut A bomb from behind
  • Cartwheel to prone at third line at EF Done, in MGS2 Any% for each of the Plant difficulties.
  • Cartwheel to prone at Last crate to freeze Fatman bomb (Non-SOL)
  • Knock above the wall line at Shell 1 Core B1
  • Cartwheel when you reach the end of the second platform to avoid platform falling scene (1-2 bridge) Done, in FAQ
  • Shoot Stingers at Vamp's feet for Lethal approach, shoot again when red bar damage depletes (Raicue) Done, in Bosses
  • Coolant fire when the phone rings Done, in MGS2 Any% for each of the Plant difficulties.
  • Let go of Emma when she gets past the thin part of the bridge Added to Any% pages
  • Stand on Thermal goggle spot to avoid Emma falling, dot on the floor with line going to ladder. Aim close to far on claymores Done, in FAQ
  • Lethal/Non-Lethal fast loop for Solidus, attack on side with eye, then attack on side with eyepatch Done, in Bosses

Added to MGS2 SOL Elevator Glitch

*1st swim oob, upright until he drops, right, go down through stairs, PP,P, down

*2nd swim oob, left cartwheel, 2.5 step loops, down. If you see the third column on the right, adjust to the left/right. PP,P at the invisible stairs, climb up invisible stairs

Location Japanese English Notes

  • Aft Deck #1 21 25
  • Aft Deck #2 16 16
  • Deck-E, The Bridge 8 10
  • Navigational Deck, Wing 43 42
  • Hold No. 1 #1 8 8
  • Hold No. 1 #2 43 48
  • Strut A, Deep Sea Dock #1 28 31
  • Strut A, Deep Sea Dock #2 2 2
  • Strut A, Deep Sea Dock #3 9 9
  • Strut A, Deep Sea Dock #4 28 28
  • Strut A, Deep Sea Dock #5 65 69
  • Strut A, Deep Sea Dock #6 3 3
  • Strut A, Roof #1 8 8
  • Strut A, Roof #2 2 2
  • Strut A, Roof #3 6 9
  • Strut A, Pump Room 5 5
  • AB Connecting Bridge 31 33
  • Strut B, Transformer Room #1 8 8
  • Strut B, Transformer Room #2 28 30
  • BC Connecting Bridge 37 40
  • Strut C, Dining Hall 17 19
  • Strut D, Sediment Pool 11 12 CCW Bombs, Strut B, Transformer Room
  • Strut E, Heliport 10 11 CCW Bombs: Strut F, Warehouse
  • EF Connecting Bridge #1 13 12
  • EF Connecting Bridge #2 7 8
  • Strut F, Warehouse 9 9 CCW Bombs: Strut E, Heliport
  • AB Connecting Bridge 34 37 CCW Bombs: Strut E, Parcel Room, 2F | Can defer to BC Connecting Bridge if under Caution/Evasion/Alert
  • Strut B, Transformer Room 74 76 CCW Bombs: Strut D, Sediment Pool
  • Strut C, Dining Hall 25 28
  • BC Connecting Bridge 21 22
  • Strut A, Roof 22 23
  • Strut A, Deep Sea Dock #1 14 15
  • Strut A, Deep Sea Dock #2 27 28
  • Fortune 18 18
  • Strut E, Heliport #1 11 14
  • Strut E, Heliport #2 37 38
  • Strut E, Heliport #3 29 30
  • Strut E, Heliport #4 7 7
  • Strut E, Heliport #5 6 9
  • Strut E, Heliport #6 17 17
  • Shell 1 Core, 1F 17 18
  • Shell 1 Core, B1, Hall 11 17
  • Ames #1 37 41
  • Ames #2 25 29
  • Shell 1 Core, B1 22 25
  • Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge #1 14 14
  • Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge #2 27 27
  • Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge #3 21 24
  • Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge #4 51 55
  • Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge #5 29 33
  • Shell 2 Core, 1F, Air Purification Room 20 22
  • Shell 2 Core, B1, Filtration Chamber No. 1 7 10
  • President #1 34 39
  • President #2 19 22
  • President #3 29 39
  • President #4 28 35
  • Shell 2 Core, 1F, Air Purification Room #1 25 33
  • Shell 2 Core, 1F, Air Purification Room #2 26 30
  • Shell 2 Core, 1F, Air Purification Room #3 4 6
  • Shell 2 Core, 1F, Air Purification Room #4 13 15
  • Shell 2 Core, B1, Filtration Chamber No. 2 #1 32 37 Skipped with Swim Glitch
  • Shell 2 Core, B1, Filtration Chamber No. 2 #2 3 4
  • Shell 2 Core, B1, Filtration Chamber No. 2 #3 17 17
  • Emma Swim 1 #1 14 15
  • Emma Swim 1 #2 13 13
  • Emma Swim 1 #3 6 7
  • Shell 2 Core, B1, Filtration Chamber No. 2 #1 15 14
  • Shell 2 Core, B1, Filtration Chamber No. 2 #2 37 38
  • Emma Swim 2 #1 60 73
  • Emma Swim 2 #2 18 19
  • Strut L, Sewage Treatment Facility 15 16
  • Emma Sniping #1 36 38
  • Emma Sniping #2 5 5
  • Emma Sniping #3 8 8
  • Strut E, Parcel Room, B1 7 8
  • Arsenal Gear - Stomach #1 2 3
  • Arsenal Gear - Stomach #2 25 28
  • Arsenal Gear - Stomach #3 23 26
  • Arsenal Gear - Stomach #4 65 73
  • Arsenal Gear - Jejunum #1 21 22
  • Arsenal Gear - Jejunum #2 14 14
  • Arsenal Gear - Ascending Colon #1 1 2 Random
  • Arsenal Gear - Ascending Colon #2 2 2 Random
  • Arsenal Gear - Ascending Colon #3 1 2 Random
  • Arsenal Gear - Ascending Colon #4 1 2 Random
  • Arsenal Gear - Ascending Colon #5 3 5 Random
  • Arsenal Gear - Ascending Colon #6 54 59
  • Arsenal Gear - Ascending Colon #7 20 20
  • Arsenal Gear - Ascending Colon #8 17 18
  • Arsenal Gear - Ileum 17 18
  • Arsenal Gear - Sigmoid Colon 22 23
  • Solidus #1 96 114
  • Solidus #2 5 5
  • Solidus #3 43 45

Moved to MGS2 Versions, Platforms, and Regions! SOL US/JP to the right, SOL PAL/Korean & Subsance to the left. US/JP radars are straight, PAL/Korean/HDC/Substance radars are angled.

DONE! MOVED TO MGS2 Emma Zip page.

WIP as this is a very new glitch. Believed to save 7 seconds in Shell 2 Core 1F and 8 seconds on KL Connecting Bridge (Substance PC, Very Easy). Believed to be slower in Strut L. Console SoL/Sub/HD needs testing + timing (DOES NOT WORK ON XBOX SERIES X HDC). Consistent and safe setups needed. Eventual dedicated section on the wiki should this become standard part of the route. Name needed too. Current Setups: * Shell 2 Core 1F, PlatonicGuy: * Shell 2 Core 1F Texture Setup, KingOfTheBeez: * KL Connecting Bridge, PlatonicGuy:

If you can't remember if you obtained someone's dog tag, equip the Camera/Scope and hold triangle in their direction. If their name shows up, you have their dog tag. If not, then you need to get it. Could be useful as a backup. Note: Possibly doesn't work on the HD Edition? Needs testing

You can carry the effect of pentazemins if you take a game over then click Exit. Do NOT click Continue, otherwise this will reset the effect. So before starting a run, use a lot of pentazemin so that it can all the up to Vamp 2. Only tested on PC.

Done! Moved to FAQ under Game Mechanics



Very Easy Guide
Normal w/ Counterclockwise Bombs Guide
Normal w/ Clockwise Bombs Guide
(European) Extreme Guide
All Dog Tags Guide
Blindfolded Tanker Video

DONE! Added to MGS2 FAQ under the Speedrun Mechanics section.

Tested on Substance PC with turbo * +1.5 seconds Strut A Roof * +2 seconds Post Ninja * -1 seconds Post Harrier * -3.3 seconds Olga Arsenal Gear punch OVERALL = -0.8 seconds The “do you remember what day it is” codec midway through bomb disposal needs be tested too

DONE! MOVED TO Boss Survival page.

Boss Survival needs its own dedicated page. Maybe something similar to Snake Tales.

  1. Load times and lag do not affect IGT.
  2. Menus are counted towards IGT.
  3. Final score screen time is always one or two frames less from what the player sees after final hit on Solidus.
  4. The optimal boss fight strats are NOT ALWAYS the same as full game optimal strats.

Number of guards per diff (tested on Substance pc):

  1. Easy = 4 + 3
  2. Normal = 5 + 3
  3. Hard = 8 + 3
  4. Extreme = 8 + 3

Number of tengus per diff (tested on substance pc):

  1. Easy = 20
  2. Normal = 22
  3. Hard = 25
  4. Extreme = 25

Difficulties somewhat follow the japanese SoL naming convention:

  1. “Easy” = Very Easy from most versions.
  2. “Normal” = Easy from most versions.
  3. “Hard” = Hard from most versions.

Extreme can be accessed via the dev menu (check the resources page for a link to it). It follows Extreme from most versions.

Bosses include: Olga, Fatman, Harrier, Vamp 1, Rays, Solidus

NOTE: Substance added Guard Rush + Tengu 1

Region/Version Differences:

  1. HD Edition will have a slower Tengu or Guard Rush fight if you use stun grenades (since grenades take longer to blow up).
  2. Sons of Liberty (NTSC-J) has a slightly faster Solidus since you can hit the walls with the blade, cancelling the animation halfway through.
  3. PAL50 should (didnt check lol) run at a lower framerate, therefore should be slower.

Other Notes:

  1. Guard Rush and Tengu 1 NOT added for Substance Xbox NTSC-U. That version and region has SoL boss fights.
  2. Tengu 1 cannot be skipped using door glitch. There is no loadzone on the other side of the door. However, Coolant/Choke/Stun skips work
  3. Coolant/Choke/Stun skips for Tengu 1 might be slower depending on difficulty, but choke skip could be safer for higher diffs especially with Snake.

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