Q: What does count towards the IGT and what doesn't?

A: Thanks to the emulator and autosplitter insight we know how IGT works.

IGT continues to run

  • during gameplay (walking, aiming, shooting, camouflage, etc.)
  • during cutscenes
  • after the commander dies and we see “Simulation End”

IGT stops on

  • codec calls
  • menuing
  • the game menu
  • during a continue screen

IGT ends

  • as soon as the credits begin

Q: What is the difference between Single-Segment and Multi-Segment runs?

A: IGT Resets if the game is ended and then resumed. IGT continues if a death occurs and the player decide to continue (not going to title, then resume). The Resume trick also wipes all mistakes like Alerts, Kills, Continues and Rations used. This mechanic is used in the multisegment categories to save even more time. Everytime when Snake enters a room, a cutscene plays, with resume the IGT can be reset and that cutscene doesn't play out. In total this saves between 1.5 and 1.8 seconds per room.

Q: Do you need to mash to skip codecs?

A: No, one tap will fast forward

Q: How do elevators work?

A: Double tap them to bring it down quickly

Q: Can you hold movement directions during cutscenes and codecs?

A: Yes, just make sure to begin holding it AFTER the load into a room is done, and Snake will immediately start moving in that direction.

Q: How does interference work?

A: You want to aim for the lines with the cursor, lightly tapping up and down to adjust. It doesn't need to perfectly hit the line but be close enough to it.

Q: How many tranquilizer shots does it take to knockout a guard?

A: Two in the body, one in the head

Q: When do alerts count?

A: Alerts count when the text of Base HQ responding appears on screen, “Neutralize the threat!”

Q: Will Snake automatically move with certain actions?

A: Yes. for example if you press center behind a guard with no weapon equipped, you will approach to choke him out. Or if you are close to an elevator panel or node, Snake will approach to press the button.

Q: What happens after the Terrorist Incursion?

A: Layouts of rooms change, with laser traps, turret cameras, and guard with more powerful weapons

Q: What are the requirements for Big Boss Rank?


  • Time: Under 45 minutes (assumed)
  • Continues: 0
  • Alerts: 0
  • Kills: 0
  • Rations: 0
  • No Radar

Notes: Failure of any 1 requirement will merit FOX rank. Quitting and reloading works as long as you do not enter a new room and change the autosave.

Q: How does Zombie Snake/laser skip work?

A: The moment you cross the lasers, you must enter the menu at the same time. Once in the menu, eat a ration to resurrect Snake. The explosion will still occur and cause lag. Eventually the screen will turn white, meaning any movement must be done blind.

Q: Which language is the fastest?

A: Unknown

Q: Wow, this is a real game? Why have I never heard of it?

A: Yes, this is published by Konami. It's very obscure due to the limited audience for the game at the time and it being a mobile phone game from 2008.

Q: Is this game canon?

A: It could be or couldn't be, it's deliberately ambiguous. Since it takes place in a VR simulation between Solid 1 and Solid 2 (with Snake's memory being wiped at the end of the game), its place in the series isn't essential.

Q: Do I have to buy a phone to play this game?

A: No, you can use EKA2L1. This emulates Symbian OS on Android, Windows, and Linux.

Q: Wait, the N-Gage Service? I thought this was released on the N-Gage phone!

A: These are two separate things. The N-Gage phone platform came out before the N-Gage service (also known as N-Gage 2.0). The service started in 2008, the original N-Gage came out in 2003. Learn more via wikipedia on the service and device. “Because N-Gage is a software based solution, the first generation MMC games are not compatible with the new platform….Similarly, games developed for this next-gen N-Gage platform do not work on the original N-Gage nor N-Gage QD, adding to the fact that newer S60 software, including the N-Gage client and games, aren't binary-compatible with older S60 devices and vice versa.”

Q: What phone should I purchase for this game?

A: Known injection methods for playing Metal Gear Solid Mobile work on S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 phones, specifically N95 and N95 8GB. N82 should also work, but no one has confirmed yet. These phones are all capable of video out via RCA (composite and stereo sound) cables from the headphone jack. Region of the phone (North America or Europe) makes no difference for installation.

Q: How does the installation process work?

A: Join the MGSR discord server for a zip file explaining the process.

Q: How do I factory reset the N95?

A: Turn off the phone, then press and hold the green Call button, the * button, and the number 3. While holding these buttons, turn on the phone and keep holding the keys until the mobile phone restarts and you see the handshake. If performed correctly you will get prompts to set up your phone.

Q: How good is the emulation for EKA2L1?

A: As far as Windows goes, Mobile's emulation is extremely good. The game plays at a higher and steady framerate, with significantly shorter load times. In addition, controller support is available, allowing you to play the game without using the default keyboard bindings.

Q: How do I setup the emulator to play Mobile?

A: You can read this reddit post on the topic along with further information on Youtube.

Q: What are the recommended controller buttons for this game?

A: There are only four buttons and a dpad required for this game. Thus you can bind every button to the face of a typical controller. Here's one suggested setup based on a PlayStation pad: Circle for Numpad 5, Triangle for Numpad 0, Square for Left softkey, Cross for Right softkey

Q: Whenever I exit out of EKA2L1 my controller settings reset, how do I fix this?

A: Make sure to scroll down to click on the button that saves settings.

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