To keep momentum, switch weapons and items whenever possible on a horizontal move. Going left or right, open the menu, switch to what you need, then hold the direction you want to continue with and then close the menu. This way Snake won't stand still and lose you seconds picking up the walking speed again.

Exmaples when to menu this way:

  • When switching from chaff to socom in Store Room Visit 2 before entering Base Main Entrance Visit 3 to prepare for shooting the sensor(s)
  • When equipping the C4 before opening the wall in B2 Engineering, going left, menu, equip C4, hold left, then exit the menu

When using chaffs, try to activate them when turning a direction. Since you have to stand still for a moment to use a chaff, then continue running, activating chaffs on turns conserves momentum you'd otherwise lose when continuing in the same direction.

Specific to the mobile phone inputs you can save IGT by utilizing the menu as a buffer. One example is the elevator when returning to F1 and having to use the socom to shoot the C4 sensor. If you play with the wiimote and the phone, having to go back and forth between the wiimote and the phone to have a decent dpad and being able to use the 0 button to go into first person view can cost you time moving your hand back and forth. Opening the menu in between moving your hands will freeze the IGT and you can save precious seconds over the course of the speedrun.

Rooms where this technique proves useful:

  • 1F Equipment Store
  • 1F Base Main Entrance Visit 3
  • 1F Auxiliary Corridor Visit 2
  • B1 Restrooms Visit 2
  • B1 Armory Visit 2
  • B2 Engineering
  • During the Commander Boss Fight

In general each time when needing to switch from third person view to first person view.

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