Easy difficulty is Ghost Babel with training wheels.

  • More resources spawn
  • Some bosses become easier
  • Snake is built like a tank, needing a ration is fairly unlikely.
  • Fewer guards and cameras
  • One of the awkward aspects of Easy is that Alerts and Evasions clear faster than other difficulties.
  • Guards without body armor die in 1 bullet, 2 bullets with body armor.
  • Guards without body armor will die immediately if you triple punch them.

Stage 02 Map by Eishiya

  • Do a one punch buffer to get past the guard in the first screen of the fortress, like on Very Hard.
  • There is no guard after the Chris codec.
  • There is no guard before the ID card truck.
  • You'll need to equip the ID card due to the lack of alert opportunities.

Old Tutorial Ft. Upper Route

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