"Thus the gates of Hell were flung open."

Metal Gear Survive released in 2018 to Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. It is a spinoff that takes place between Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain in an alternate dimension called Dite. Utilizing assets and locales from The Phantom Pain, Survive incorporates an RPG style leveling system, hunger and thirst (a la MGS3), base building, and tower defense. Survive caused backlash because of Hideo Kojima's absence from the development team, microtransactions, and lack of offline play.

Why Speedrun Metal Gear Survive? There's some gnarly parkour moves in the run that you don't see in the other Fox Engine games. The run is pretty easy on NG+ due to prepared resources. There isn't too much routing to worry about, as over an hour of the run is autoscrollers. Survive is a less technically demanding run compared to The Phantom Pain. Managing the Captain's stamina keeps you engaged when moving from Point A to Point B.

NG Guide

NG+ Guide

Chapter Select No Digs

Container Checklist by Accipehoc

Important Containers Items
03 Med Spray
04 Heavy Arrow, 12ga
11 9x19mm, Molotov Cocktail
22 Small Bottle Holder
24 Small Left Gadget Sling
26 Small Heavy Arrow Quiver
30 Goat Cage
34 Ramp
36 Iron Watchtower
37 Primary Weapon Holder
38 .45 Cal, Strengthened Molotov Cocktail
54 Grenades
61 S1000
63 Small Grenade Pouch
75 Small Right Gadget Sling
78 C-4

Animal locations by Dark

Farming by Nyx

PC Survive Co-op Server Browser by dprog1995

Co-Op Tips by Holographix

Epic Gear Guide by Holographix

WilliamK's Speedrun Notes

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