Refined guide for NG+ based on WilliamK's Speedrun Notes

  • Due to the increased amount of running around with Chapter Select, starting a new character is thought to be faster.
  • Chapter Select adds a lot of routing due to backtracking to base, but it makes most of the game a breeze. Using Scout class benefits of Stealth Camo and Fox Walk, along with purple and orange gear. To get to the maximum benefit, you will have to do a lot of online co-op grinding.
  • Also of note, Chapter Select will require you to set up your base in a preferable way for speedrunning.
  • You will need to unlock another character slot if you don't do Chapter Select.
  • Your main character will provide all the resources, equipment, etc. to do the run.
  • Co-op is very helpful, as some gear recipes are locked behind co-op. You will also get resources more quickly than grinding containers in single player.
  • You should do digs at your base to improve your base resources.
  • You want Goat Meat and Clean Water Bottles in your repository, so you don't have to collect them during the opening tutorial. The Goat Mutton cannot be spoiled!
  • Also have all of your equipment, weapons, gear, etc. set to a loadout (loadout settings transfer over) so you spend a fraction of the time you would equip them normally.
  • Just have one loadout for NG+, and manually add what you need during the base digs. This is to prevent the glitch where your food/water vanishes from equipping loadouts.
  • Make sure to remove everything from a character and place into the repository when done with a speedrun before deleting the character!
  • Cheat Engine can set up your resources as well
  • To make the Exploration Team Ready Room, you need the following
  • 8 Iron
  • 5 Wood
  • 10 Nails
  • To make the Base Camp Expansion, you need the following
  • 30 Iron
  • 10 Screws
  • To make the Archaea Blade Trap, you need the following
  • 4 Sensor Unit
  • 8 Electronic Circuit
  • 8 Titanium Alloy
  • 16 Concrete
  • 32 Steel
  • 1 Battery

This guide will assume new character, not Chapter Select.

  • Co-op is excellent for resource grinding, between Kuban Energy, building materials, and finding recipes.
  • Otherwise, single player grinding is not too bad with the proper setup.
  • Level the Scout Sub Class. Get Scavenger, Fox Walk, Dex Super Boost, END Super Boost, and Stealth Camo. Unit Enhancement is excellent for placing co-op Machine Gun Turrets.
  • Set up a character with minimal gear equipped. Naked or lightweight DEX gear. A Melee weapon to break apart boxes and barrels. Have as many survival bags equipped as possible.
  • Go from transporter to transporter, picking up everything.
  • If you go over 100%, diving is the fastest method of moving.
  • If you go over 130%, attacking with a one handed melee is the fastest method of moving.
  • The Ruins have some nice goodies, as well as some of the random huts and buildings across Afghanistan and Africa.
  • Rinse, repeat.
  • To farm containers, rest in a tent to get requests from crew. Go to the container and open, hope for good stuff!

You will want food that does three things

Status Food
Sprint Speed Up All Soups besides Bear, Smoked Equine and Rodents
Stamina Recovery Speed Up Grilled Equine, Steamed Bird, Oriental Stork Heart Split Roast, Black Stork Heart Tacos
Stamina Consumption Speed Down Steamed Equine, Grilled Bird, Oriental Stork Heart Split Roast, Black Stork Heart Tacos
  • Of note, if you don't have the steamer food facility recipe, it is obtained from Base Camp Dig 3 or 4. Steaming food takes one corn.
  • Go for around 15 soups, 10 or so of Steam and Grilled Equine. These are obtained by ranches/cages.
  • Clean Water Canteens, at least 1 for initial eating/drinking
  • Soups are worth it, because they provide for thirst and hunger.
  • Stork Heart Recipes provide both of the stamina buffs, however you must hunt for Storks out in Dite. The two locations are - the Africa FOB and Transporter 07, where you rescue Chris.
  • You want to try and eat Food at the end of timers to basically make the time spent eating null. Or, before long runs to get the most use of the buffs.
  • The higher your Base Development is ranked, the more food you get from harvesting.

In terms of weapons you can honestly take whatever you want, outside of the forced time sections defending teleporters/diggers we really don't fight anything in the run unless backed into a corner or bad AI RNG/pathing. Although William pretty much uses ranged weapons only this can be very resource intensive. You can definitely use Melee weapons, however they are not as safe to use and exposes yourself to more attacks from the wanderers, which can kill or knock you down. Ranged weapons are also generally faster and provide more DPS enabling you to quickly tap wanders in the head and move on.

  • Most perks are useful, the best for running are Durability Boost (Chance that Durability reduction with use does not occur), Stability Boost (Reduces hand shaking when readying this weapon), Critical Hit Boost, and Attack Stat Boost. Make sure to fully upgrade your weapons of choice.


Blue Recurve Bow

  • Heavy Arrows are 3 steel and 6 aluminum for 10 arrows.
  • The Bow and Heavy arrows are going to save you a ton of resources if you are patient in using them and collecting a fair bit of your arrows during defenses and digs.
  • During Defenses and digs wanderers will explode when they die meaning the arrow is immediately dropped onto to the ground rather than you having to dig the arrow out of their body.
  • The bow and heavy arrows will pretty much one shot every enemy within your level range.
  • Grenade arrows can be very useful for clearing out large group of wanderers, of note it seems as if grenade arrows will make wanderers ricochet onto each other to take more damage if they are close together in groups. However, you will need to find the recipe in co-op to make grenade arrows.

Blue AM MRS-4R (5.56mm) or SVG-67 (7.62mm) Rifle

  • An advantage of using the rifle is instead of crafting bullets for it, you can craft the green rifle to get free 30 rounds for resources that are more abundant rather then using up your gunpowder/copper/lead
  • You can use the rifle in dangerous/close situations to quickly eliminate wanderers, I recommend use quick single shots on their heads to conserve ammo although.
  • 5.56 ammo is cheaper to craft than 7.62 ammo

S1000 Shotgun (12ga)

  • Great for general crowd control
  • The shotty is mainly recommend for the Seth boss fight, with an attack lv. 2 Blue S1000 with overpressure rounds, Seth can be killed in two shots.
  • Due to the effects of overpressure on durability, do not use the shotgun until Chapter 20.


AM D114 TC (.45 Calibur) or Geist P3 (9x19mm)

  • Pistols have their uses. Specifically whenever you are carrying one of the survivors out you are unable to use melee/primary weapons, limiting you only to pistols. You might want a pistol to dispatch a wanderer in your way so they don't hit you and knock the survivor out of your hands.
  • Also of note the pistols have the fastest draw/ready speed of all weapons, which can be useful.
  • The D114 can be equipped with a silencer, which is great for stealth in certain Chapters.
  • The Geist P3 is automatic, and its bullets are cheaper to make than the D114. Good for warning shot strategies.
Standard Ammo Gunpowder Lead Copper
9x19mm 1 1 1
.45 Caliber 2 1 2
12ga 1 3 3
5.56mm 2 2 2
7.62mm 3 3 3

[For Chapter select, use stuff with the most dex/endurance(prioritize dex) and for chest having ammo consumption down is rather nice]

Gear Stat Upgrade
Blue Head Dex Lv.2
Blue Torso1) Vit Lv.2
Blue Arm Dex Lv.1 Str. Lv.1
Blue Legs Dex Lv. 1
Survival Equipment Gear Slot Equipment
Gear-1 Medium Grenade Pouch
Gear-2 Small Grenade Pouch
Gear-3 Medium/Small Heavy Arrow Quiver
Gear-4 Primary Weapon Holder
Gear-5 Small Heavy Arrow Quiver/Small Left Gadget Sling
Gear-? Medium/Small Bottle Holder
Gear-? Secondary Weapon Holder
  • Medium pouch recipes are only found via co-op.
  • If you plan on getting the Medium Grenade Pouch, get two Wolf Cages, and capture Side Striped Jackals. They are small animal indicators. You need 12 Side-striped Jackal Pelts.
  • If you plan on getting the Medium Heavy Arrow Special Quiver, get two Wolf Cages, and capture Gray Wolves. You need 6 Gray Wolf Pelts.
  • Between medium and small grenade pouches, you will have 16 grenades.
  • Between medium and small heavy arrow quivers, you will have 120 heavy arrows.
  • You can also send your exploration team to hunt for rare pelts.
Gadget Slot Gadget
Slot L-1 Grenades
Slot SP-L1 Med Spray
Slot L2 C-4
Slot R1 Normal Fences
Slot SP-R2 Kuban Crystal
Slot R2 Lures
Slot ? Iron Watchtowers or Sandbag Footholds
Slot ? Machine Gun Turrets
Slot ? (Strengthened) Molotov Cocktails
  • Grenades are a must. Grenades are really cheap to make and you should have the resources to have a massive stockpile. They also do not reduce in damage scaling depending on level. In other words, overpowered!
  • Medical Sprays are for safety. Dying is really bad!
  • Fences are a must. Great for general defense. Used to backdoor Ruins 01 and rescuing Nicholas.
  • Iron watchtower or Sandbag Foothold for a shortcut in Ruins 03. Since you don't need these until later, equip them in Chapter 15.
  • Lures are essentially stronger Kuban Crystals. Really cheap to make at 1 empty bottle.
  • C-4 are an extension of Grenades. They do more damage than grenades, but you must detonate them. Used in Ruins 01.
  • Machine Gun Turrets can be nice for some things but are not as important. Nice for the final Chapter Defense during the final waves.
  • (Strengthened) Molotov Cocktails are essentially weaker Grenades.
Gadget Resources Required
Grenades 3 TNT, 1 Spring, 5 Iron
Med Sprays 2 Aluminum, 1 Golden Crescent
C-4 3 Composition Explosives, 1 Electronic Circuit, 4 Adhesives
Iron Watchtowers 6 Steel, 18 Iron, 14 Screws
Sandbag Footholds 14 Clay, 4 Wood, 4 Nails, 6 Gunny Sacks
Normal Fences 6 Iron
Lures 1 Bottle (Empty)
Machine Gun Turrets 3 Sensor Units, 1 Firing Unit, 8 Steel, 1 Electronic Circuit, 11 Gears, 7 Gunpowder
Molotov Cocktails 1 Oil, 1 Rag, 1 Bottle (Empty)
Strengthened Molotov Cocktails 1 Napalm, 1 Rag, 1 Bottle (Empty)
  • Don't get injured! Maintain Distance!
  • Don't run below 900 stamina!
  • Replenish food at the end of timers!
  • To quickly refill ammo, select change equipment prompt, press shift to replenish. DO NOT USE THE LOADOUT FEATURE FOR THIS! You risk losing resources due to the disappearing resources glitch!
  • Stop sprinting just before you climb/go off a ledge/etc. to regain stamina, ready your weapon to do so
  • To skip tutorial text, mash spacebar or the mouse button while holding the other. This will confirm the last piece of text instantly. Credit to SpaceCow
  • Level at Chapters 6, 10, 14, and 20.
  • Keeping a revival pill in your inventory is smart just in case you do die. Reloading a checkpoint is a run killer more often than not.
  • Unconfirmed for console, but loading into the initial area, returning to main menu, deleting avatar, and starting over saves a few seconds on initial loads for PC.
  • After skipping second cutscene A Psuedo-His, mash enter for gender, then provide a name. Enter, single letter, Enter, down, Enter
  • You can set up female gender during Loading trick, so gender does not matter for speed.
  • After explosion cutscene on Mother Base, create an avatar. Enter, up twice, enter, left, enter.
  • Stop running at the blue spot on the ground. Walk to the second shrub.
  • When you are turning the corner with the window light, dive.
  • Dive up the stairs to save time.
  • Once you get past the corner, slide into the locked door.
  • Mash the interact button to open locks faster
  • Sprint punch the wanderer, attack the door while moving upleft
  • When climbing stairs, ready the spear to climb them faster
  • Dive under the pipes, hold the dive button for tutorial.
  • Stay at the resource manager
  • Mash enter when you open iDroid
  • Equip your loadout, grab your food/drink
  • Make sure to apply your buffs, drink your milk/clean water canteen!
  • Head SW/Hold Downleft to the dirty water pipe
  • Fire warning shots when you reach the second crystal.
  • Kill the two wanderers in front of you, then run by.
  • Return to Base Camp via the pause menu after retrieving the memory board.
  • Do not interact with Virgil UNTIL the tutorial is finished.
  • Head North/Hold Upright to go towards the first Memory Board
  • Try not to look at the Kuban Crystal as you enter the hut, or else the HUD can prioritize that over the air tank.
  • Build the wormhole extractor THEN the Air Tank, or you will get an additional tutorial.
  • Kill the wanderers on the roof. Don't run to the memory board.
  • Return to Base Camp via the pause menu after retrieving the second memory board.
  • After jumping through the window, you do not need to move to interact with the memory board.
  • Return to Base Camp via the pause menu after retrieving the third memory board.
  • Head South/Hold Down during fadein
  • Throw grenades to generate noise to aggro enemies (?)
  • Want to kill enough Wanderers for level 5
  • Run further out below 1 min to get some easy kills
  • There's a 1k Kuban Crystal on the cliff you jumped from, try to get it during the defense
  • Return to Base Camp via the pause menu after the counter goes to 0.
  • Hold down during fadein
  • Can do a warning shot to gather the crowd, do this before/after climbing the ledge at the top of the hill.
  • When approaching Miranda, you can throw a grenade at the cliff for safety, or just YOLO run to the locked door
  • Be careful not to drop Miranda too far away, or else you will fail the chapter.

Before going into transporter, level up to 5/max level

  • On first level up, the skill leveler will put you on the stat increase screen. Careful not to accidentally level STR
  • Go to Miranda Transporter
  • Put Fence as close as possible to the tank
  • Aim handgun before dropping to make the stairs easier
  • If a wanderer is in the room before the ladder drop, take him out for safety.
  • After throwing the first C4, detonate it immediately to cause the bomber to blow more quickly, then throw the second.
  • Return to Base Camp via the pause menu after retrieving the memory board.
  • Go to First Transporter
  • Run to the Digger
  • Return to Base Camp via the pause menu after retrieving the Digger.
  • Don't mash escape for the Digger cutscene at base, or you can open the menu. Wait until you see the digger.

Now that you are level 5, you gain another survival equipment slot. Redo your loadout

  • Watch out for the Cursed Quiver Glitch! Here's how it can occur. Here's how to fix it
  • When you redo your loadout double check your ammo and your airtank
  • Take out taping kits and poultices in case things get hairy later. Getting a sprain loses a lot of time. Getting bruised reduces your stamina. You shouldn't need bandages. Revival Pills are good as a backup in case you die.
  • Throw grenades/C4 at the rubble, don't worry about the wanderers approaching until they are near the digger.
  • Blow up the barricades to the West, so you can place your Exploration Team Ready Room immediately in Chapter 11.
  • Remember to replenish your ammo and do any equipment adjustment before the end of the dig. Ideally, you will not replenish your ammo until Chapter 15.
  • There are two tutorial pages when you approach the Dig Site.
  • Don't forget, you need to place the digger AND activate it.
  • There are several Kuban Crystals scattered around the fields of the base. Looking for those is a good use of time between waves.
  • Return to Base Camp via the pause menu after the counter goes to 0 on the final wave.

Updated Jeep Route

Before going into the transporter, level to 10/max level

  • Go to the Jeep, drive to the Walker Gear. Drive straight through the alley to the east, then turn southeast at the final barricade wall to drive along the road.
  • Use the Walker Gear to follow the Road with the Wanderers.
  • You can scale the hill with the Walker Gear to Chris.
  • Follow the right edge of the cliff towards the transporter. Take care not to get grabbed.
  • Defend with the Machine Gun
  • Transport to Chris Transporter
  • If the Lord of Dust shows up, make sure to time crossing so you don't get stopped. OR, dive when the foot lands.
  • Be weary of the wanderer by the wheelchair, if he is too close to the wheelchair, take him out.
  • You can jump onto the platforms instead of grabbing the ledge, but it is precise.
  • Return to Base Camp via the pause menu after retrieving the memory board.
  • Swap to controller when you get back to base, you need to place the Exploration Team Ready Room.
  • WARNING: Above video does not show the fence route detailed below.


  • Updated route video
  • It is easy to get lost going to Nick, pay attention to landmarks (the arch, the fort, the tree, the wall, the hut, etc.)
  • Run through the Town, to the corn field.
  • Climb the rock at the wall by the cornfield, place a fence along the wall to climb the cliff.
  • Careful when running through the crowd of wanderers to the Transporter, a mistake here could cause a game over.
  • You can go to the right or left to the Transporter, there is no difference in time.
  • Drop Nick quickly and safely!
  • Drop down fences around the Transporter
  • Wait behind the building's corner before the explosion
  • Return to Base Camp via the pause menu after the counter goes to 0 on the final wave.
  • If you are on PC, switch to controller after you skip the cutscenes.

Before building the expansion, Level to 15

  • Destroy all remaining rubble before building the expansion

Now that you are level 15, you gain more survival equipment slots. Redo your loadout

  • You'll need the iron watchtower later for Ruins 03.
  • Double check that your air tank didn't get unequipped while you wait around
  • Africa is a chokepoint in the run, as Chapter 16 and 17 require stealth to go fast.
  • Wait for the Lord of Dust's hand on the bridge before going by. Once you see the Lord's hand start going back, you can move past it.
  • Hold down during fadein
  • Make sure to kill the grabber outside the tunnel
  • Hug the tree to avoid the second grabber
  • Angle and timing of the lure bottle is pretty important
  • Wanderers in the back may path unpredictably to the Lure, be ready to kill them with the silenced pistol if necessary.
  • Return to Base Camp via the pause menu after retrieving the memory board.
  • Hold down during fadein
  • Be aware that the Wanderers on the cliff could be in various positions. Be alert!
  • Hold R after the Seth cutscene to pick him up immediately.
  • Run down the slope, dropping down at the edge closest to the bridge. Go across to the left side of the bridge. Drop down.
  • Just hold spacebar, you are already on the transporter.
  • Approach the ledge so you slide down. Alternatively, you can dive at just the last moment.
  • The Walker Gear is at the tent on the right after you enter the dust
  • After the Dan Codec, hold down to head towards the transporter.
  • Return to Base Camp via the pause menu after the counter goes to 0.


  • There are two codecs when you return to the FOB
  • After securing Sahelanthropus and the codec, Return to Base Camp via the pause menu

Level up to 20 before fighting Seth

  • Shoot him in the face
  • Three shotgun blasts should take him out
  • This fight shouldn't take more than 10 seconds


  • You can use an iron watchtower to save a couple seconds when climbing the final wall over the crack, but it requires quick placement.
  • Remember, you need an iron watchtower to perform the shortcut.
  • Wanderer position in Ruins 03 doesn't seem set.
  • Return to Base Camp via the pause menu after retrieving the memory board.
  • Hold left during fadein
  • Hold upright after transporter
  • Return to Base Camp via the pause menu after the counter goes to 0 on the final wave.
  • Go to the Build Computer, construct the Archaea Blade Trap
  • Go to Digger to initiate Chapter 24
  • For Bad Ending, hold down to head to the wormhole. Hold spacebar. GG
  • Descending the Platform
  • You can use a revival pill in case you die from falling
  • Lures and Grenades are OP for Wave 1 and 3
  • MG Autoturrets are useful for the final waves.
  • Be at the leftside of Sahelanthropus's head

Return to Metal Gear Survive

Torso doesn't really matter, but Blue Vit Lv. 2 is nice. Recommend just getting one with the right type of mag pouches you want to use
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