Q: How many versions of Metal Gear are there?

A: Three. For more detailed info check out this page: MGMSX Regions, Versions and Platforms.

Q: What qualifies for a guard spotting/noticing me?

A: Guards will only notice you if they see Snake’s lower body within their range of vision (waist down).

Q: A bomb I placed disappeared after I used the menu, what gives?

A: Opening the weapon menu removes any placed items from the current game screen.

Q: The floor is opening up under Snake, wtf?!

A: At certain parts through the game, there are several pitfall traps you need to avoid otherwise they will kill you. The detailed guide will tell you how to avoid them.

Q: When do I rank up?

A: Every fifth hostage is one rank.

Q: What good is hitting an enemy once and stunning it?

A: When stunned, enemies can't detect you and you can move through them as if they don't exist.

Q: What alerts are mandatory?

A: (1) The rocket guards atop building 1, (1) roof of building 2, (3) The screen before building 3, (3) first screen of building 3.

Q: What tells you a wall is breakable, even with explosives?

A: When you have Snake punch a wall, if a question mark appears above him the wall is breakable.

Q: How far away can you place the bombs before they don't work anymore for opening a wall?


Q: When does a kill count in Boss Survival and the timer for that boss stops?

A: A kill on a boss counts as soon as the boss health value is reaching 0. That causes the Boss Survival timer to pause and load the next boss.

Q: What are the requirements for Big Boss/FOX rank?

Rank Big Boss Fox
Difficulty Original Easy
Time 44:59 max 49:59 max
Saves Unlimited Unlimited
Continues None None
Alerts 8 mandatory alerts 9 mandatory alerts
Human Kills None None
Rations 1 maximum 1 maximum
Special Item No No

There are more ranks available in the PS2 port of Metal Gear (MSX). They are as follows:


  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: 49:59 max
  • Continues: 1 or more
  • Alerts: 10 or more
  • Human Kills: between 1 and 3
  • Rations: 2 or more
  • Special Item: No


  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: 7:59:59 maximum
  • Human Kills: more than 3

Alternatively, you can get Deer also by playing between 4 hours of IGT and 8 hours of IGT.

IGT determined ranks

Rank Difficulty: Easy Note
Eagle less than 50 minutes IGT * with less than 4 kills, else → DEER
Panther 50 min IGT to 90 min IGT * with less than 4 kills, else → DEER
Jackal 90 min IGT to 2 hours IGT * with less than 4 kills, else → DEER
Zebra 2 hours IGT to 4 hours IGT * with less than 4 kills, else → DEER
Deer 4 hours IGT to 8 hours IGT
Elephant 8 hours IGT to 12 hours of IGT
Hippopotamus 12 hours IGT to 16 hours IGT
Turtle 16 Hours IGT to 20 hours IGT
Chicken 20 hours of IGT or more

Q: How am I supposed to remember that long sequence for the MG fight?

A: See here for a broken down pattern:

1) R R L
2) R L L
3) R L L
4) R R L
5) R L R
6) R

Contact Before building 2 After building 2
Big Boss 120.85 120.13
Resistance Leader Kyle Schneider 120.79 120.26
Resistance Member Diane 120.33 120.91
Resistance Member Jennifer - 120.48 (only with 4 stars)

Q: How does Health and Damage work

A: See this page for a full explanation:

Metal Gear (MSX) Health and Damage values

Q: How does Metal Gear work with its maps?

A: See this page for a full explanation:

Metal Gear (MSX) Map System

Q: What are the Item and Weapon IDs?

A: See this page for a full explanation:

Metal Gear (MSX) Item ID System

Q: What is faster, holding X or spamming inputs?

A: spamming inputs in most cases does let the dialog boxes disappear one frame in the game faster, it can be at least 66ms time difference. For the any% category, the total timesave with perfect execution can be 6.5s for example.

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