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Snake's Revenge is the sequel to Metal Gear on the NES. Developed without Hideo Kojima's involvement, it was released a few months before Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake in 1990. Lt. Solid Snake (a black belt in 32 forms of oriental combat and skilled in every weapon known to man) must create world peace by defeating Metal Gear 2 and Big Boss Higharolla Kockamamie. To do so he must travel by land, sea, and air. Unlike Metal Gear NES, it features sidescrolling segments that are a mix of Metal Gear, Contra, and Rush'n Attack.

From the manual - “You're challenging Higharolla Kockamamie and his army of raging lunatics. And you must overcome untold hundreds of Uzi toting soldiers, a heavily armed battleship and a loaded locomotive to reach your objective, destroying Higharolla's Ultra-Sheik Nuclear Attack Tank. Or else the world will be knocked to its knees by a fellow who has won the “Merciless Man of the Year Award” eight straight times.”

Video Tutorial by Jaguar_King

Snake's Revenge Notes by Plywood

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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