In the northern hemisphere, summer has finally arrived – but who wants to go outside when our best prepare for Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) 2022?

On July 24, 2022 at 5 PM Eastern, JosephJoestar316, Mekarazium and dlimes13 will participate in Summer Warning Shot 2022 on the MGSR Twitch Channel.

You can find the full schedule here!

Warning Shot is a showcase series to represent Metal Gear Speedrunners at SDGQ 2022, one of the most prestigious speedrunning events in the world. To perform well and be fast you need not only outstanding skills but also the backing and support of the community. The broadcast will help dlimes13 with his travel expenses by raising money through donations.

To encourage support, MGSR offers the following incentives:

  • $100 – MG Rising: Revengance – Bladewolf NG DLC RunMekarazium
  • $100 – MG MSX – Boss SurvivalJosephJoestar316
  • $100/$200 – MGS2 – Boss Survival Raiden, Easy…upgrades at $200 to Snake, Harddlimes13
  • BID WAR – MGS2 – Save or Kill the Birds at Twilight Snipingdlimes13

You can donate early by going here, make sure to include your preferred incentive in your comment!

Besides the runs of Metal Gear by JoesephJoestar316, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance by Mekarazium and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, by dlimes13, each of the runners will be interviewed by NickRPGreen. Viewers can submit questions during the broadcast via channel points!

A video preview of the new interview layout, designed by DashRando and TheLightningStrikes

Baptism by Fire

This Warning Shot will also test a new organizational format within the ever-growing MGSR community. For the first time, an event will be transparently organized by a team of volunteers through the community discord. All participants will be involved in everything from technology, graphics, social media and moderation. The goals? Distribute the workload between as many people as possible and offer spectators a great show.

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