Please add items to the lists that you think should be on the Wiki.

  1. Updating any% route
  2. including a dedicated notes page for the game
  1. Updated Tutorials for Any%, Deathless, 100%
  2. Insert item here
  1. Updated Tutorial
  2. Insert item here
  1. Updated Tutorials
  2. Insert item here
  1. Completion of Plywood's Video Tutorials for Console
  2. Insert item here
  1. Real Time Attack Information
  2. Lean Page Done!
  3. relevant information for stages
  1. Easy and Hard Information
  2. Special Stage Information
  3. nikita skip further info
  4. very hard updates
  1. Stage Specific Information
  2. Insert item here
  1. Euro Extreme Guide
  2. All Dog Tags
  3. FAQ Done!
  4. Glitches page needs an extensive list
  5. Tutorial needs more information!
  1. Needs work period VR2 Wiki now has a general structure!
  2. Full Game Strategies needs more info
  3. Information on strats for obscure platforms like PAL50, PS Vita, etc needed
  4. Check how much time is worth on PAL50
  1. Completion of Tutorial
  2. Needs some header information
  3. Info on pages for every Snake Tales on all languages
  4. Detailed Boss information
  1. Extreme Tutorial Completion
  2. All Dog Tags for Easy and Hard
  3. Video Tutorial Series
  4. Easy and Hard Information
  5. FAQ
  1. Tutorials for Very Easy, Normal, Euro Extreme
  2. FAQ
  3. Version Differences Page
  1. Tutorial Information
  2. Insert item here
  1. Stage Maps
  2. New Game Tutorial Formatting
  3. Insert Item Here
  1. New Starter Decks, Deck Change adjustments, New Boss Fight strategies
  2. Stage Maps
  1. NG+ Tutorial
  2. FAQ
  3. Migrating speednotes info to wiki
  1. migrating speed notes
  2. fully collecting all check locations
  3. upload of save resource to site
  1. improving organization of information
  2. Insert item here
  1. Route Information
  2. Glitch Information
  3. Posting of Installation and Purchase Guide
  1. Needs individual pages
  2. Detailed notes for the various categories
  1. FAQ
  2. General gameplay tips
  3. Text Information beyond the videos
  1. Text information
  2. Maps for individual levels
  1. FAQ (Speedrun Mechanics; How Soldier Pickup Warp works; Game Mechanics; Leaderboard/ Community).
  2. Update the Any% True Ending route as well as any other full game category without a route page.
  3. Update the missions with their current IL strats.
  4. Update the downpatch guide.
  1. New Game Information
  2. Insert item here

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